14 Kitchen Space Savers for an Organized Kitchen

Cooking may not be your thing or one of your favorite activities.  Either way, a cluttered kitchen can make the task more stressful than needed. Actually, a cluttered any room would do that. And if your kitchen is on the small side like mine, you feel like you never have any room to work in.  Here are some kitchen space savers that can help you organize your kitchen.

Use Up Every Space and Nook for Storage

Metal floating shelf with magnetic back for refrigerators

Magnetic Shelf Rack $19.99, Click on image for product details

Take a look around your kitchen. Is there any space between your appliances or cabinets that isn't being useful.  For example, the space between your refrigerator and your cabinets.  They make little trolleys as narrow as four inches, the perfect width to fit a wall of canned goods, that fits perfectly into these nooks.  Or take the above magnetic shelf that adds shelf space if floor space isn't available. 

Organize All Your Spice and Sauce Bottles Together

Magnetic Shelf Rack $34.99, Click on image for product details

Free up cabinet space and declutter your countertop by pulling all your spice and sauce bottles into one working station.  This foldable metal spice rack features two shelves of different depth to corral all your favorite spices and sauces into one rack.  Keep your countertops clear and clean with this metal spice rack that is easy to wipe down. 

Organize All Your Spice and Sauce Bottles Together

Knife Holder $21.99, Click on image for product details

Now that you have your spices in place, get your cooking utensils organized into one easy work station with this knife holder. There's also a place to hold your cutting board, utensils, and a rack for your pot lid as well.  A frosted white drip tray keeps water off your countertops and all your tools right where you need them. 

Working Stations

Multifunctional Spice Rack $41.99, Click on image for product details

If you only have space enough for one, then go for this mega kitchen organizer that features a spice rack, knife holder, cutting board holder, and utensil holder all in one. Made of heavy duty baked varnish metal, this spice rack comes with two shelves and whole lot of accessories to store all your cooking tools in one place. 

Mount Everything

Wall Mounted Kitchen Organizer for cooking tools spice rack towel rack cutting board holder

Mounted Kitchen Organizer $38.99, Click on image for product details

Really want more countertop space?  Then take your spices and cooking utensils off the countertop and mount them with the above kitchen organizer. Featuring knife holder, utensil hooks, spice rack, towel rack and more, this kitchen organizer is made to hold your frequently used cooking tools so everything is reachable and at your fingertips. 


Utilize Vertical Storage Space

Magnetic Shelf Rack $8.99, Click on image for product details

Stand your plates upright to make the most out of your shelf space with these dish holders. Made of heavy duty thick metal to securely store your dishes, minimize scratches on your dishes by stacking them vertical and for easy retrieving. No more sifting thru tons of plates to get the ones you need. 

Add Vertical Storage Space

Two Tier Storage Drawers $34.99, Click on image for product details

Organize all your small spice packets and containers on this compact two tier storage drawer system. Drawers glide out giving you access to all your favorite foods stored within.  Made of heavy duty metal featuring convenient pull cutout handles, the vented side racks give you a clear view of what stored while keeping everything securely stored and off your countertops.  

Go Tall


GLAD Glass Canister 1.9L $15.99, Click on image for product details

When you're scrapped for space consider taller canisters like this GLAD Glass Canister with stainless steel lid.  Not just for pastas, store snacks vertically to maximize your shelf space.  Featuring a stainless steel lid and comes in two sizes, organize your pantry cabinet or countertop with these slim food canisters.


Organize within your cabinets

pots and pan organizer rack adjustable space saver

Pots & Pans Rack $23.99, Click on image for product details

Don't forget about organizing inside your cabinets.  Freed up cabinets allow you to clear away more things from your countertops and into your cabinets.  The above pots and pans rack adds shelf function within your cabinets without dividing your kitchen cabinet into two.  The adjustable rungs customize and fit to your pots and pans as you update them, making maximum use of your space. 

Organizing Your Utensils

Utensil Organizer $12.99, Click on image for product details

Sort and organize your utensils with this utensil organizer. The smart design allows you to store your utensils atop one another to save space but allowing you to organize your utensils as well for easy grabbing. Made of durable PVC that is easy to clean, stock and stack your utentils like a pro. 

Organize inside your Drawers

Expandable Drawer Organizer $22.99, Click on image for product details

Another smart design, this expandable drawer organizer made of natural bamboo allows you to custom fit to your drawer size needs.  Featuring eight slots that help you sort and organize your dinner utensils to your cooking utensils, don't go searching for things lost in your drawers again. 

Collapsible Everything and All in One Tools

Collapsible Tub & Cutting Board $26.99, Click on image for product details

Why wash four tools when you can just wash one? This collapsible drain tub is a cutting board, wash tub, and strainer all in one.  Go from washing your vegetables, to straining your vegetables, to cutting your vegetables with one tool.  The cutting board tub collapses down flat to about one inch to be compactly stored when not in use. 

Roll away and Store Away for Next Time


Roll Up Drying Rack $22.99, Click on image for product details

No space for a drying rack?  Or maybe you don't have that many dishes to wash as home.  A popular Japanese designed concept, this roll up dish drying rack is your answer for temporary dish rack space when you need it. Featuring a utensil holder, this rack folds out and sits atop your sink allowing dishes to dry directly into the drain.  Can also be used as a fruit and vegetable drying rack. 

Clearing up Floor Space

Mop Rack $11.99, Click on image for product details

If you have things sitting on your floors, consider mounting them upwards to free up floor space.  This inexpensive mop rack organizes your mops and brooms while providing hooks for hanging towels and scrubbing brushes. Now you have freed up floor space that is easy to mop or space to store storage bins and cartons. 

There you have it, 14 smartly designed with kitchen space saving in mind. Remember, the key to maximizing your space is staying organized. 


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