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X-nrg Life Store for organization and storage products and helper gadgets  X-nrg Life Store for organization and storage products and helper gadgets  X-nrg Life Store for organization and storage products and helper gadgets

X-nrg's goal has always been to help the consumer declutter and create space in their homes and lives thru organization. We believe your surroundings can indirectly affect your mood and even your outlook on life. Imagine coming home from a hard day's work to a cluttered room where you can't see the floor and having to cook a meal in a kitchen where you can't find anything. It can be stressful. Being organized helps you create space in your home, saves you time because everything is easy to find, and saves you money because you aren't double purchasing items you already have or letting things expire because you forgot you had them. 

Our first focus was helping you with being organized in your home. Now we are expanding into helping you save time and money during daily tasks. We find you products that help you perform tasks more efficiently and with more ease so you can reserve your energy (NRG) for living your best life and focusing on experiencing what is important to you. That's where we got our name, X-nrg. The products we procure for you is geared towards helping you obtain Extra Energy in your home, life, and everything you do!

We haven't forgotten our roots though. We are still very much focused on organization, but instead of for the home, we've expanded to your car, your work, and your life. You work hard for your money and your money should work for you, serving a purpose for you.  When we are adding products to the line we ask three questions:

1. How is it useful?

2. Does it save our customer's time?

3. Does it provide our customer ease?

But why buy from X-nrg? What sets us apart?

For one, have you experienced shopping fatigue when having to sort thru hundreds of listings of the same product being confused by tagged on shipping and handling fees?  Our buyers continually comb the web for not just popular items but well reviewed items so the collection you see here is popular, useful, and works well.  

X-nrg Life Xtra Organized Better Living for you

So don't forget to check in with us every so often. We are always searching for new products for you and you can be sure, what you get here is not just a product. It's time, money, and energy saved!