About Us

Living quarters are shrinking but not our need for space.  So how can we coexist with all our treasured belongings and daily necessities without ending up on an episode of Hoarders?  That’s where X-nrg Life comes in. 

X-nrg Life was created to tackle every day chaos.  We believe in a place for everything and everything in its place whether it is in your home, in your life, or on your travels. When surroundings are in disarray, work space is cluttered, and schedules are unorganized, it can cause frustration and stress.  Thus, hindering you from reaching your potential efficiency and power. That’s why we created X-nrg Life. 

What is X-nrg? X-nrg is short for Extra Energy. Our goal is to help you organize your home, your life, and your mind.  We find products that is focused on helping you keep your daily necessities in order and your home clutter free.  We find products that can save you time so you don’t have to go searching for where something is in your bag, in your home, or on your workspace.  We believe that organization and efficiency put together can give you X-nrg! 


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