Roll up dish drying rack

Roll Up Dish Drying Rack

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This popular Japanese designed roll-up dish drying rack is perfect for smaller kitchens because it doesn't take up much space or for when you need more drying rack space. Can be used over the sink for drying dishes, cups, and cookware.  Can also be used as a fruit and vegetable washing colander platform.  Aside from kitchen organizer and colander, you can also use for defrosting frozen food. Made of metal roods with a silicone cover, a removable extra wide utensil holder is also included.


  • Rolls up compact for smaller kitchens
  • Add drying rack space when you need it
  • Use as a colander for washing/drying fruits & vegetables
  • Use as a defrosting platform over your sink
  • Metal rods with a silicone cover and removeable utensil holder included
  • Fits sinks up to 18"L


  • Expanded: 11"W x 20"L
  • Rolled up: 2.5"H x 20"L