X-nrg EB7200 Bidet Dual Nozzle Spray Self Cleaning

X-nrg EB7200 Bidet Dual Nozzle Spray Self Cleaning

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We are dedicated to bringing a better toilet experience with excellent quality and outstanding design. Save tons of toilet paper and hug a more hygienic lifestyle. This bidet, with rear buttock wash and from female wash sprayer, works for both men and women on the toilet seats.  The self-cleaning function ensures jets and gates are clean all time. This toilet bidet has a whistle knob design that is different from other bidets which have easier water control by one finger. The water stream is adjustable to be stronger or weak as you need. 


  • Universal Fit
  • Dual Nozzles with Feminine wash 
  • Smooth adjustable water pressure
  • Self-cleaning function: the gate and 2 jets get rinsed to keep them clean 
  • Women can get a cleaner wash, The toilet cover can still close well after installing the bidet
  • A totally different and fresh cleaning way for your buttock, much better than using toilet paper


  • 17"L x 10"W x 4"H