Wire Control Spine

Wire Control Spine - Black

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Maintain a neat and clean appearance at your desk by hiding your computer's cables inside this Cable Wire Control Spine. The spine consists of removable "vertebrae", which allows it to flex and curve. This allows it to extend or contract with your sit-stand adjustable height desks. Our Cable Wire Control Spine attaches to the back of your desk and is designed to protect and organize AV and power cords, great for height adjustable or stationary desk systems.  The block system is a snap-together interlink blockade base plate for stability.  The 4-way channel entry design makes it easy to slip cables in at any angle. The bracket at the top attaches to the bottom of your desk and the base keeps the lower end on the floor.  The cable wire control spine ensures that your cords will be kept organized from your work surface to the floor.  Keeping an ergonomic posture throughout your work experience is made easier with cables out of the way.


  • The quad entryway provides dedicated routes for four cables
  • Modular Vertebrae Structure: Allows users to add or subtract individual vertebrae as required
  • Keep your desk space organized 
  • Flexible cable manager provides protection for your cables
  • Solid base plate


  • 2.5"L x 1.5"W x 30"H