Three Headed 5A 5ft Retractable Charging Cable-Red

Three Headed 5A 3ft Retractable Charging Cable-Red

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This retractable data and charging cable have a USB connector on one end and 3 connectors on the other end, giving you a lot of room to charge various devices. The 3 in 1 charging cable uses a USB cable to support fast charging technology, which can save you a lot of charging time.  The charger comes with 3 different USB ports, it can charge most mobile phones. The Three-Headed Charger is suitable for travel, you don't need to carry more charging data cables, the three-in-one cable can meet all your charging equipment needs.


  • 3 Headed Charger: Micro USB, Lightning charger, USB C
  • Stops at three different sections
  • Retractable
  • Ideal to use at the home, office, care, traveling, and more.
  • Once it is retractable, it is compact and light, easy to carry. 


8.5" to 36"L x 1"