Pants Skirt and Scarf Hanger

Pants and Scarf Hanger-Black

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This 5 rung pants and scarf hanger is a closet space saver! One hanger could hold four more pants than ordinary hangers do.  Made of heavy duty stainless steel, each rung is wrapped with a non-slip cover to prevent pants and scarves from slipping off.  Can also be used to hang tops, towels, curtains and more. This closet organizer creates extra vertical hanging space in closets, and frees up rack space so you can hang more clothes without feeling pressure. 


  • 5 rungs on one hanger
  • Non-slip covers on each rung
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Rounded ends to avoid scratching
  • MAX weight capacity: 2lbs per rung


  • 13.5"W x 15"H