Microfiber fiber hair wrap towel in pink and white

Microfiber Hair Towel in Pink and White

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This microfiber hair towel is super soft to the hair, and it is much gentler than normal hair towels. Super absorbent allowing hair to dry faster, helps lessen frizz on your hair because it creates less friction. Simple to use and no worry about slipping or dripping water, ideal for you to makeup, bath, facial, and massage, also perfect for a fun time at swimming pool or a great day at the beach.


  • Made of supersoft microfiber 
  • Gentler than normal hair towels.
  • Designed with a solid button and elastic loop. 
  • One size fits most
  • Suitable for all hair types: curly, frizzy, straight, color-treated, thick, or thin.


  • Size: 7.87in x 23.62in