Mesh laundry bag 4 pcs

Mesh Laundry Bag, 4pc Set

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Extend the life of your delicates with this four piece set of bra laundry bag with an inner PVC frame.  Made of breathable double-layered mesh, these bags can protect from tangling, snagging, and minimize color bleeding of your bras during washing and drying.  Can be used for other smaller clothing items such as delicate scarfs, socks, and undergarments.  They're also perfect for keeping your bra's shape during travel!  This set comes with 2 cool grey and 2 soft pink bags. 


  • 4pc comes in two pinks and two grey bag
  • locked Zippers will prevent the bag from open while washing and drying
  • It will help to extend the lifetime of your stuff. Also, bags will help to minimize the chance of color bleeding between each other.


  • 7" x 6.25" each