Flexible Leg Tripod Phone Holder Stand 23.5" Pink

Flexible Leg Tripod Phone Holder Stand 23.5" Pink

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This Flexible Leg Tripod phone Holder Stand frees your hands up to follow along with a cooking video or just relax your arms as you watch a movie.  Your hands have the ultimate freedom while you watch media on your phone. Featuring flexible legs to position in a way that is comfortable for you. Perfect for viewing video calls, movies, vlogging, on a plane, and more. Perfect for following along with cooking and crafting. 


  • MAX wt capacity 5lbs
  • Three-legged stand
  • Holds most phones
  • With flexible legs, you can lay down, and put a holder over you to position your legs to allow you to hang off something
  • Ideal for reading, selfies, video chatting, or watching in the car
  • Able to adjust most angles as you like for your convenience 


  • 23.5"