Virtual Holiday Parties

The holidays are a time to gather with the ones you love and celebrate, but when we are still in times of uncertainty of the pandemic, gathering is still not all that safe. Or if you are in a similar situation to mine you have family that may live in a different state, that with busy schedules make it difficult to travel during this time.  Now that we have the option of communicating with our friends and families virtually why not through a Virtual Holiday Party! With throwing a virtual holiday party, you can still spend time with those you care about whether you are looking to stay safe or if they are hundreds of miles away. 

Prepping for the party is simple, you plan on dropping off decorations, food, and drinks in advance, or if it's for someone further away, you can always send gift cards straight to their inboxes to purchase what they need.

Some fun activities to get the party started could be having everyone decorate their tree or mantle with their ornaments or sprucing up their mantle while everyone takes a turn explaining a holiday memory or tradition. Another fun start to the party is having everyone design their own Santa Hat. Take time ahead of time to send everyone a hat with some supplies like paint, glue, glitter, etc. and you can all decorate and share memories at that same time.

 The holidays are a time for bake goods, so why not take the time to decorate some Christmas cookies, dropping off kits with frosting, sprinkles, and cookies. Or there is also the option of building Gingerbread houses, and you get to see the creative side of your guest as they decorate.

For the more competitive bunch, a few rounds of Name that Tune Christmas edition will be so much fun.  Simply pick a Christmas playlist from Spotify or Apple music, play about 10-15 sec of a song and have your guest's name that tune. Another fun game that most enjoy Christmas Trivia, create questions that cover holiday movies, songs, traditions, and history, your guest will have a great time guessing.

With things the way they are, should not stop us from celebrating with the ones we love, getting creative during this time is a must, but all worth it in the end!   

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