Top Ten Items to Help You Travel Efficiently

With the holidays quickly approaching, visiting families is high on the list. Going out of town to visit family is huge during this time of year, or maybe you are taking that vacation you desperately need, or just maybe you have a simple business trip planned. Whatever the reason maybe that has you traveling this time of year, make sure you are prepared. Trust me, when it comes to packing for a trip, I make list and stay stressed that I am always going to be forgetting something that I really need. Lighten your load with some items that will make traveling less stressful and allow you more time to enjoy your trip!
Toiletry Hanging Travel Bag
Planning a trip out of town? Don’t leave your essentials behind and let our hanging toiletry travel bag assist you.  This hanging travel bag provides multiple pouches and compartments for keeping your toiletries, makeup, and cosmetics organized during travel.  The built-in clothes hook makes it ideal to hang in the closet, on the doorknob, or on a bathroom hook for easy access.  Waterproof and durable cover protects your belongings in your luggage. You can organize all your small toiletries in one sturdy bag, carries all your essentials!
Electronics Organizer Bag
When traveling with technology, that alone has its own luggage. From the different devices to the different cables you need, lugging around all that tech can be frustrating, especially keeping it organized. X-nrg has what you need to keep all that organized in one spot. This tech accessories organizer bag is made of heavy-duty, durable, and water repellent nylon material offering excellent protection for your accessories.  Compact and thin in size, perfect for tossing into your tote bag, carry-on or backpack, provides fourteen elastics and meshed slots for organizing your cable cords and tech wires.  The bag for electronics is lightweight and keeps your unruly cords tidy so you can use easily and efficiently as needed. Can keep cables, flash desk, memory cards, USB drive, charger, pens, headphones, etc. in one place and organized.
Shoe Storage Travel Bag
One thing about traveling, I have always disliked putting my shoes in my suitcase with my clean clothes that I am going to wear, I just would prefer to keep those items separated as much as possible. With our Shoe Travel Storage Bag, it keeps your shoes separate from clothes and in great condition while traveling. The main compartment is suitable for sports shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes, and the mesh pocket is suitable for slippers, sandals, or flat shoes.  It’s a good choice for travelers or office people.  Not only can it be used as a shoe bag, but also as a cosmetic storage bag, clothes storage bag, underwear storage bag, or to store your small items during travel or at home. Equipped with one handle, easy to carry, one small zipper pocket in the back, and two independent compartments to protect their shoes.
Makeup Organizer Roll Up Bag
When it comes to traveling with makeup, I do not like carrying all my makeup with me, I take the items that are my everyday wear. So having a smaller and more organized makeup bag is just way more convenient, with X-nrg’s Makeup Organizer Roll Up Bag is the perfect way to travel with my makeup.  This convenient makeup organizer and travel bag keeps your beauty product organized in an orderly manner and efficient to use.  The rollable design is compact and ideal for taking up least space in your bag, luggage, or drawer.  Thin slots made for and holds up to 12 makeup brushes, thin makeup pencils and liners.  Use the easy to clean clear PVC flap to protect your brush heads from damage and from pigmenting your bag.  The zippered bag pouch allows you to store foundation bottles, blush pads, and eyeshadow palettes.  An inner mesh lining in the pouch provides more organization and space to store your makeup tools.
Hands Free Neck Holder Phone Tablet Mount
This Hands-Free Neck Holder Phone Tablet Mount frees your hands up to follow along to a cooking video or just relax your arms as you watch a movie.  Your hands have the ultimate freedom while you watch media on your phone.  Featuring a flexible comfort band that you can customize and adjust securely around your neck for perfect viewing.  The neck has a cushion sleeve for added next comfort.  Turn your phone 360° for the perfect view on video calls, movies, vlogging, on a plane, and more.  Also, can be positioned as a desk or counter phone stand, perfect for following along to cooking and crafting.  Straighten the gooseneck and it makes a great selfie stick.
Nylon Travel Cubes 6pc Set
Organizing all your outfits in your luggage is probably the most stressful thing when you are trying to fit everything in your suitcase. Any travel expert will tell you, packing cubes are a great organizer and compactor for packing and unpacking sanity.  This set of six washable bags are made of high-quality durable polyester and nylon.  Compact design helps you compress and create more space in your luggage or carry-on while keeping your luggage organized.  Forget rolling clothes, travel cubes are where packing needs to be! Comes with a total of six-piece grey nylon bags with zippered closure, 3 cube bags and 3 pouches.
Refillable Ultimate Travel 11pc Set
Toiletries are the items that always has be double thinking, do I just buy when I arrive to my destination or do I buy them now. I also am not one who really likes buying travel sized toiletries, so the option I tend to lean towards is buying reusable toiletry containers to use whenever I need to take a liquid on the go. With Kitsch Refillable Ultimate Travel 11pc Set, your toiletries will meet TSA carry-on liquid requirements, but also very stylish design. Not only for traveling but also perfect for taking your favorite everyday products to-go.
First Aid on the Go
Accidents can happen anytime anywhere, so having a first aid kit handy is perfect, especially when traveling with children.  This First Aid on the Go Kit by Welly is a quick fix that can go where you go.  This handy tin is the perfect complement for any adventure, with just the right supplies to keep you covered for light bumps and scratches.  Premium flexible fabric bandages and single use ointments keep you safe when you need them most.  The metal tin case is a perfect size and durable material to toss into purses, backpacks, suitcases, and more.
Travel Neck Pillow with Eye Mask and Ear Plugs
Why travel any other way than comfortable? This neck pillow features a soft memory foam cushion that’ll hold up its shape after many many uses and comes with a sleek sleeping mask to help you get that shut eye.  If that doesn’t do it, encased ear plugs are also included, and all tucked away into the included storage bag. With 360° support, this ergonomic neck pillow makes resting, riding, and sleeping so much more comfortable with its proper support.  Ideal for plane, train, and car travel, for relaxing at home, or for working late at the office.
Simple Modern – Water Bottle
It was such a surprise when I found out that I can carry my water bottle past security at the airport and fill at a fill station. So do not buy any more water bottles at the airport, buy a reusable water bottle and you will be all set. On the go or at home, Simple Modern Water Bottles has your hydration needs covered.  Holds up to 20oz of water in a stainless-steel double wall container. Vacuum-sealed insulation keeps cold drinks cold for up to 28 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours.  The unique exterior design prevents bottle from sweats.  The water bottle has a slim design body that fits nicely into cupholders while the twist cover with easy to carry handle top can take your trunk tosses all day.
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