Tips to Organizing your Kids Room

Tips to Organizing your Kids Room

A kids' room easily fills with so much, from shoes to clothes to school papers to toys. A kids’ room can easily become cluttered and disorganized, especially day to day with busy schedules. Ignoring the organization of a kids’ room is simple but decluttering and organizing will save you so much time, and spend less time looking for important papers, shoes, and even socks.

First thing first, throw away the trash. Before you can start organizing you have to throw away items your kids have accumulated in their bedroom. Like school papers that are not important, broken toys, or simply unwearable clothes. Once you throw out the trash you can see what you will need to store or donate.

A huge problem in most kids’ rooms is their clothes! Kids go through so many growth spurts that they simply outgrow their clothes so quickly. So, it is so easy to accumulate more clothes than what they are wearing and need. Create three piles: keep, donate, and store. Keep all the clothes that they still fit into for their everyday wardrobe, donate any item that simply doesn’t fit them anymore, and store any clothes you will hand down to another child or have a sentimental value.

Now the part that will hurt your kid, going through their toys. Have your child help you out as you go through the toys, use this as a teaching moment, helping them understand to let go of things that are broken or that they don’t have any interest in anymore. Keep all toys that have a significant emotional value or are currently using.

When organizing the toys, use storage containers that are clear that way they can see what is in each bin instead of them going through all of them looking for that toy they are thinking about. If bins are a solid color, go with taping a picture of what is inside each bin, this way when it is clean-up time, they will know exactly where to put everything. Make sure shelves are appropriate for your kids' age, keep them at their level so they can reach them. Make it a habit to go through the toys before Christmas or birthdays when they will be receiving quite a few presents, be proactive and create room to store the items beforehand.

When choosing storage containers, use what makes sense. Storage totes with lids or stacking bins with lids, use for toys that are not used that often. Use baskets for their go-to toys that they are playing with. This makes them easily accessible instead of having them going and opening the lids so often.

Another good practice would be rotating toys. Having a handful of toys in storage and rotating them when they seem to be getting bored with their usual go-to toys. Replacing them with the ones you had in storage will feel like Christmas morning all over again.

When you are super busy, your kids' room organization can be overlooked, but organizing their room can save you so much time.

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