Tips for Organizing and Storing Holiday Decorations

With the holidays coming to an end, the saddest part is having to take down all those decorations that bring so much cheer. Now, when putting your decorations away, finding the best way to keep them intact and protected can be difficult, but we have a few tips that can be helpful.

The best way to go when it comes to where should you store your items, going for plastic tubs and bins are the best, try to go with colored ones for each holiday or clear ones to make it easy to identify each bin, don't waste time shuffling boxes around next year. Using plastic bins rather than boxes is for the different climates, bugs, and humidity which all can ruin decorations. If it floods boxes get ruined, plastic tubs stay intact and protected.

Create a content list for each tub. As you pack each box, write down the contents and place the list on top of the decorations. Helps you find the exact items you need in the future. This will also help you pack items away next year because you will know exactly which box, they fit in.  

Place fabric and paper items in resealable plastic bags, this again, helps protect the items from bugs and moisture. Label each bag with what each bag is holding, that way when packing up you know which decorations go where. 

Place smaller items inside of larger items.  That way you can pack more into one box. This also help secure the items so that they won't rattle around as much.  Use bubble wrap to protect items, any item that could be damaged in storage or moving.

Use paper towel or toilet paper rolls to roll up any ribbon that you have loose. and tape down to avoid unraveling.  This will help keep ribbon organized and avoid it from getting tangles while being stored away until next season.  

These are just a few simple tips that can help you store your decorations and keep looking like new for years to come.

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