Storage Solution for Every Room

 Organizing our home can sometimes be a bit over whelming. First you have to go through all your belongings and decided whether you want to keep, donate, or trash, and that process alone can be intense. But once you have got that all done and know what you are going to keep, that is when the organizing fun really begins. Finding the correct storage bins that are going to work with your room and the area, what actually makes sense. Do not stress over finding the right storage bin, at X-nrg, we have a variety of containers, in a variety of styles and colors to fit your needs.

We have a variety of Stacking Storage Bins with Lids to fit your storing needs, in a variety of colors and small or medium size. These adorable storage bins with lids were made to help you sort and organize your belongings. Stack up to three, their lids feature an inset groove to avoid slip and sliding around. The minimalist design is handsome enough for you to display as home decor in your space. 

From the bedroom closet to the bathroom to the playroom, you can keep all sorts of things neat and organized with the handy storage tote with wheels. This storage tote container has a classic clear plastic design so it will make it easy to see what's inside. Storage tote can help to simply organize closets and living areas, keeping your room neat and clean. With the wheels at the bottom, rolling the tote in and out of areas will be easy. Totes are also stackable, and with the clear walls you are able to see what is inside and which tote you will need. 

Wanting a simpler look to your home, our Fabric Storage Boxes with attached Lid are a displayable solution to adding more space to your closet.  Keep your personal belongings hidden and dust free but within reach whenever you need them.  Its sturdy side design allows you to stack up to three bins at a time.  Upholster in soft fabrics and muted colors, these bins are made to store a variety of items.

This Sterilite Divided Organizer Case is a multi-purpose clear storage solution for crafting, beauty, office, hardware, and other hobbies.  The slim shape makes this a perfect grab-and-go storage container. The three tinted trays are removable to allow you to customize your storage space.  The long trays will accommodate items such as scissors, paintbrushes, pencils, glue, and other tools, while the six compartment trays are perfect for keeping smaller items contained like nails and screws.  Latches secure the lid to the base, keeping contents in their compartments. Comes in a clear base and lid for quick viewing of stored contents. 

Our Two-Door Storage Box comes with visible doors so it will make it easy to see what's inside, saving you time from going through different bins. The perfect storage solution for your bedroom, closet, bathroom, and so much more. With the groves that allow you to stack the boxes, giving you the option to store more. Come with four wheels, that allow for easy transport from one room to the other or simply for easier access.

These Collapsible Storage Totes are designed to match the interior decor and style in any room in your home or office, keeping your home nice and tidy. Utilize your closet space with storing clothes, also perfect for kid's rooms for smaller toy bins, kitchen, pantry, makeup basket and so much more. The perfect space saver, when not in use, simply fold and store until you need it again. The perfect storage solution for any room in your home.

The Fabric Storage basket is a neutral color to match a lot of home decor while keeping the home nice and tidy.  Decorative baskets accent your space while making your life more organized.  Soft body baskets give a space a warm feel, can be collapsed for storage, and upgrade the look of your space versus plastic bins.  Store clothes, books, toys for bedrooms, laundry room, kitchen and more!

Instantly save space and have a better organization of items with our Under the Cabinet Hanging Basket.  Not only in your kitchen, but in your pantry and closets, add extra storage space under any shelf.  The under-shelf organizer maximizes the use of space and instantly creates extra storage for your home.  The sturdy grid design makes this under cabinet organizer put items more visualized and more convenient. 

Whichever room in your home that you need organized, X-nrg has what you need to get it organized. From the smallest of items to the larger items, we have got what you need to get and stay organized!

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