Storage Products for your Refrigerator that Keep It Organized

Thinking about getting a new refrigerator because you feel like it's always packed? Try these great storage products that help you create space made for the refrigerator before splashing thousands of dollars on a new fridge. 

Larger Capacity Egg Drawers $18.99 Click on Image for more details

Why we Love: Eating eggs have become increasingly popular over the years since we found out all the nutrition and vitamins a single egg provides. Refrigerators usually come with a storage tray for about a dozen but that only lasts my family of 6 about two days.  Sure, I can keep it in the cartons but they don't seem hygienic, plus I feel weary about stacking anything on top.  So the egg drawer is perfect that it takes up little space, takes up wasted space, and the drawer is easy to clean.


Hanging Storage Drawers $18.99 Click on Image for more details

Why we Love: My family tries to eat more fruits and vegetables everyday and it never feels like we have enough space to store them all.  I usually grocery shop once a week so stuffing everything into the refrigerator drawers I have now smushes all the veggies and fruits.  Adding this clear drawer creates more drawer storage in the refrigerator, it's clear so you can see everything and it's made of durable fridge-safe plastic so it's easy to wash and clean. Plus, it takes up space under the shelves that I never stack anything up to. No I can organize my veggies all in one drawer and fruits in the other, or even by person. 


Clear Storage Basket 2pc $12.99 Click on Image for more details

Clear Storage Basket 2pc

Why we Love: These clear stackable storage bins are great because I can sort and organize my fridge at the same time. They come with a handy cutout hole so you can vent your foods but also sealed in by four clear walls to keep them separate from one another. Perfect for sorting small fruits and eggs, pull out a stack of veggies all at once so you can get cooking without having all your ingredients splayed out across your countertop. 


Rotating Table Organizer $8.99 Click on Image for more details

Why we Love: I use alot of seasonings and sauces for quick and easy dinners. There is never enough space on the doors to hold them all!  This spinning table organizer isn't just great for inside kitchen cabinets. These lazy susans, all they call them, are also great for organizing your refrigerator. Keep all your sauces and seasoning corralled to one place and a quick spin lets you find and grab what you need to get your meals ready in no time. 


Soda Can Organizer Pantry Fridge 2pc $12.99 Click on Image for more details

Soda Can Organizer Pantry Fridge 2pc

Why we Love: Organization takes a little effort but gives you big results! With these can organizers, I can store a few cans of each drink flavor in the fridge and the rest of the cans can be stored inside the cabinet until I need to do a refill. Stacks up to 15 cans, you can also use it to keep fruits and long vegetables that might not fit in your refrigerator drawers now. 


Clear Bins with Cutout Handles $32.99 Click on Image for more details

Clear storage bins for refrigerator organization

Why we Love: These clear bins comes in a six piece set of varying sizes so you can mix and match where you want to place them for the best fit in your refrigerator organization. And if you don't need them all in your fridge, you can use these fancy bins for storage and organization throughout your home. They are heavy duty and clear so they're easy to wash and you can see everything at a glance. Never forget what you have stocked in your fridge again with these clear storage bins. 


Magnetic Single Layer Spice Rack $19.99 Click on Image for more details

Why we Love: Don't forget about the storage capabilities outside of your refrigerator! Most fridge doors and sides are made of metal and you can add storage space via this magnetic spice rack. Not just made for spices and sauces, you can also store your foil liners and small snack boxes here. Anything you grab frequently or in a hurry, have it at your fingertips with this easy to install magnetic shelf rack. 


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