Storage Bins aren't just for Storage anymore

With living space shrinking, any part of space in your home is valuable, including storage. Storage has definitely come a long way since those little clear snap on lids and monster sized grey bins from hardware stores. Now you can find an array of storage bins, coming in all shapes and sizes, colors and designs, stylish enough to accent your living room space and bookcases.  No longer do they have to be tucked away in the dark corners of the closet or garage. And they definitely aren't just for hiding away clutter anymore. So what kind of bins are best suited for your needs?

Clear storage bins, open top

Knowing and being able to see what you have saves you time and money. Acrylic bins are all the rage right now because that's the advantage they give you over solid bins. Quickly find what you are looking for because you see it right there. Manage your budget so you don't overbuy or allow things to expire before you use them because you see it right there. The only caveat? If you're storing crumbly items or in place with high traffic, there is some maintenance. But made of durable plastic, just empty out the bins as needed, give it a quick rinse and wipe, and put it back to work!

Acrylic clear storage bins for refrigerator and pantry stackable 

Storage bins with lids

Stackable and can be used like drawers, pulling from within them what you need, hiding clutter. Sometimes you need a little privacy for your things. We totally understand. Our best sellers are these popular Korean style bins that come in two sizes. Small, great for sorting and fitting into bookcases, and Medium, great for floor storage or bulkier items. Lids sit flush on top so the snap never breaks off and the ergonomic handle design makes for easy pulling and handling. Stylish enough to accent your living room bookcase but hiding away things you frequently use. Large enough to hold knickknacks you didn't want to go fishing thru a monster bin for. Plus, they're designed to stack different sizes and colors.

Large clear totes

We said it before and we'll say it again! It's so easy to forget you had something when you can't see it. Large CLEAR totes is our champion because you can store so much in there, find things easily without removing everything from the bin, and our version comes with wheels for better handling. Keep your party supplies sorted and always know where that glitter sweater is with clear totes. 

 Large Clear locking totes with wheels for closet garage floor storage stackable

Storage solutions and space is available all over your home, not just inside closets and cabinets anymore. Seriously, when has anyone ever walked into a new apartment thinking, this is plenty of storage space? So utilize these stylish bins and display them in your rooms while creating storage space in your home. 

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