Simple How to Declutter and Organize the dreaded Bathroom

Oh, the messy bathroom. We utilize our home bathroom throughout the day every day and it receives our least amount of appreciation. The bathroom is usually the smallest room of the house with the tiniest of cabinet space and yet it is one of our main storage compartments. Her shampoos, his body washes. Her thousands of bottles of hair spritzers. His thousands of combs and razors. All spread and displayed throughout the shower walls, on the vanity tops, stuffed inside the cabinets. But you don’t have to live this way!

Organizing your bathroom is the quickest and easiest because it’s the smallest room in the house so the task isn’t as daunting as say the kitchen. And I think it gives the biggest reward because it’s the first room you walk into to start your day so an organized bathroom sets the tone. An organized bathroom can help you get ready quicker. An organized bathroom is more hygienic. So set aside a couple hours and start!

Step No. 1: Clear out the bathroom.

Take everything, I mean everything, out of the drawers, out of the cabinets and off the shelves and find a comfortable place you can sort thru them all. I like to throw everything into my laundry basket, put down a sheet on my bedroom floor (minimize mess), and lay everything out in front of me. Since your bathroom is completely empty, it’d be a good time now to throw those floor towels and curtains into the wash while you go to step 2.

Step No. 2: Cutting the cord.

I’m going to say it. It’s time to get rid of some of those bottles. My rule of thumb? If it’s been near empty for the last year, you’re never going to reuse it. Toss. And if it’s been completely full for the last year, you’re never going to use it. Why not donate it? Also, anything that has expired should definitely go. Those sample toiletries you took from the hotels? Needs to go. The broken razors, the hairbands that lost its elasticity, and that one left earring that has no right? Go, go and go. Now, take a deep breath and stare proudly at the huge trash bag you just filled. Congratulations! You’ve decluttered! This is all the junk in your life, I mean your bathroom, that has been weighing you down and holding you back from starting your day off right!

Step No. 3: Putting it all back.

So you should only be left with things that work, things that you use at least once a week, and things that will refill the things you use at least once a week. Now it’s time to put it all back. With strategy.

First, the things that go in your shower. There’s no way around the bottles, but if you like to keep small things like razors, toothbrushes and such in your shower, add a couple shower wall hooks and suction caddies to the shower walls. They’re cheap, compact and can help you create more shelf space in your shower.

Next, the things that go on your vanity. Try to minimalize what goes on here. It’ll make your bathroom look cleaner and easier to clean. My game changer? A toothbrush holder that holds your toothbrush AND your toothpaste. For some reason, my family started to put the toothpaste cap back on and into the holder after every use, just because we had one.

Last, are the things that go in your bathroom drawers and bathroom cabinets. Store the items you use most frequently in the top drawer or in the side of the cabinet you naturally like to pull from. Sort the little objects like hairbands, clips, and razors into little drawer organizers for easy finding. Get a couple of storage bins to hold and sort the larger items inside the bathroom cabinets. Free stand the bottles you use most in front of those storage bins for quick access.

Voila! You’ve decluttered and organized your bathroom! Now you’re all set to get ready quicker in the mornings and with less stress because your surroundings are clear and easy to reach and find. Not bad for a Saturday morning?

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