Simple Guide to Organize your Closet!

While struggling to find that pair of pants for work, did you realize that the amount of clothes you have in your closet is overwhelming? We have all been there, searching through a substantial amount of clothes that you cannot seem to part ways with, yet are tired of digging through so many clothes and still do not seem to have anything to wear?  At that moment you realize you want a closet makeover, time to organize and make things easier for your shelf.  The tough question though, where do I even begin?  Set some time aside because here are some tips to help you start your closet makeover.


First, you are going to want to clear out your closet, and I mean take everything out. There is no need to organize clothes that you are not going to wear. So, ask yourself Does it fit? If not, is it likely to fit you again soon?  Is it stained, damaged, or dated? If so, can it be fixed or altered to make it wearable, and will you wear it anytime soon?  You are going to want to make two piles a keep and a donate pile.


Next, separate your clothes by season, the closet area is space used to rotate clothes seasonally and not a long-term storage space.  The quickest way to reach this goal is to limit the working area to clothes you can wear right now. You do not want your closet to look neat temporarily but more of a long-term organized area.  For example, during the winter you want your sweaters, coats, and boots all front and center, so sundresses and shorts should be stored out of sight during this time.


Now that you are standing there looking at your empty closet, take this time to do any maintenance on your closet.  Maybe you want to replace a broken hinge, replace a light bulb, or simply just need to vacuum the floor and you were putting it off because you had all your clothes in there. Whatever it is liven it up!


Here comes the fun part, upgrading your closet's accessories! Add some new hangers, bins, shelf dividers, and hooks, but try to keep closet accessories, including bins and shelving in the same color scheme. This will help the closets organization and function and not look as busy and cluttered. 


When you are ready to start putting your clothes back in, do not just stick everything at random, consider organizing your closet by like items, then within those categories, organize them by color.  Or maybe you want to organize them by the different activities you dress for, formal wear, workout, work uniform, etc. Maybe you want to do pre-selected outfits reducing the amount of time you spend looking for an outfit in the morning.


After you figured out your categories, take the time to label anything that you have put away in storage containers. This is a simple way to check what you have tucked away for the season. Instead of opening and searching through all the bins, you will know exactly what you are looking for by simply looking at the label.


Lastly, not all items need to be hung, installing a dresser can be extremely helpful. Now you will have drawers for storage, and you can also use the top of a drawer to store items for easy access, for example, everyday jewelry. Just make sure that it does not become a dumping ground, and you begin to clutter again.


And there you have it, a brand-new organized closet to fit your everyday needs!

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