Our Furry Companions


Dogs are our best friends, loyal, loving, and always excited to see us when we get home.  So, providing them with the best possible selection of dog toys and snacks should not even be a second thought for us. At X-NRG we focus on the fun and love with our chew toys and organic treats.

With a wide variety of dog treats on the market, deciding on the perfect treat can be stressful. At X-NRG we have selected a few from Smarty Paws to provide your dog with great multifunctional supplements. With options for adults or puppies, with organic turmeric that helps with inflammation and contains antioxidants.

Smarty Paws also helps with hip, skin, allergy, thyroid, and so much more for your furry companions. So not only are you giving them a tasty treat, but a supplement to help them in the long run.

When it comes to feeding time, dogs get over the top excited for their food. At X-NRG we have Ono Great Bowls, great for medium to large pets who are messy eaters. The inner edges are raised to catch any food that spills, and the tapered outer edge prevents paws from pulling up on the mat, causing it to move all over the place. Includes one silicone mat and two stainless steel bowls, the silicone does not support the growth of fungus, mold or bacteria which makes for safe eating and easy clean up.

Choosing a chew toy for your dog can be a struggle, with many options which can be overwhelming to figure out the best option. X-NRG has options of chew toys, tug toys, and treat dispensers.  The toys are meant to withstand the abuse of most “power chewer” dogs. The chew toy and treat dispenser helps reduce boredom and can reduce problem chewing. The tug toy comes with a handle for you and one for your dog. The tug toy and retrieving toy come with a rope that makes this toy ideal for throwing and pulling games. With a great selection, it will not be difficult choosing a new toy for your dog.

The next time you are trying to make a tough decision for your dog, check out the options at X-NRG Life!

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