Our Best Monitor Stands Review

The average person can spend up to sixty hours a week in front of their computer screens, sedentary in an uncomfortable position. Luckily there is a remedy to help ease neck and shoulder strain. Monitor stands help raise your monitor screen to ergonomic eye levels so you can use your computer or laptop more comfortably.  They can be expensive and offer nothing else except raising your monitor screen. Our's come with desk organizers and storage functions. Below, our best monitor stands reviewed so you can find the best fit for your needs. 

For the ones who just needed a riser

Bamboo Monitor Stand with cupholder and shelf

$32.99, Click on product image for details

Why You'll Love: It's basic, it has simple lines, and it's one of our most cost effective options. This monitor stand made the list because it is made of natural bamboo so it's more environmentally friendly, features an inset stationery organizer, phone stand and a shelf. There is an open area beneath the stand for open storage as well.  Easy to assemble and not a lot of fuss, this natural bamboo monitor riser makes it on our list. 

For the ones who fancy the industrial look

Metal Mesh Monitor Stand with Drawers

$39.99, Click on product image for details

Why we love: If you're worried about laptop heat but need some storage, this metal monitor riser is your answer.  Featuring a metal mesh body for those that love the industrial look, this monitor stand also comes with two metal mesh drawers providing storage.  The cutout drawer handles save your workspace and the divided top drawer is a great desk organizer. 

For the ones who have a lot of tools

Metal Mesh Monitor Stand with organizer and drawer

$28.99, Click on product image for details

Why You'll Love: For the ones that need their stationery tools within reach on their desktop, this metal monitor stand can provide that access.  Featuring side saddle desk organizers and a gliding tray drawer, this monitor riser can keep your writing tools organized on top your desk so you can stretch out and use all your workspace efficiently. The metal finish is easy to maintain and the top has airholes for you laptop users. 

For the ones who need dual monitors

Expandable Dual Monitor Stand with Tablet Holder

$38.99, Click on product image for details

Why You'll Love: Once you go Dual Screen you'll never go back! This expandable monitor riser features three platforms for you to store, display, and organize your desktop.  Multi taskers will love the cutouts on the top surface meant as a tablet or phone holder, but hey, you get creative.  The raised platforms provide storage space underneath and can be angled to fit corner desks as well. 

For the au natural who needs it all

 Bamboo Monitor Stand with organizers and Drawers

$39.99, Click on product image for details

Why You'll Love: Natural Bamboo? Check. Storage? Check. Organizer? Check. This natural bamboo monitor stand does it all! Featuring four storage drawers with cutout handles and a removable organizer for your stationery and phone, you can be sure your workspace is always clear from clutter! Drawers are removeable to reveal shelf space and the raised platform offers an open cubby underneath for more storage functions. 

Which ever is the right monitor stand for you, remember, it's all about making you comfortable as you work.  So choose the ones that help you work efficiently and comfortably, wherever you are. 

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