Organizing a Pet Station at Home

Our pets play a big part in our lives, they furry companions are our family! And like human members, pets have a lot of stuff. Leashes, pet food, bowls, toys, treats, grooming supplies, and so much more, which are needed when you have a pet.  Like many of our possessions, items can take up a lot of room, cluttering your home. Creating a storage are for your pets' belongings, can help you not only organize but avoid the clutter and trying to remember where you left the items.  

Creating a pet storage station in a specific area of your home, so all your supplies are in one location with easy access. Depending on the space you have you can put a cabinet dedicated to storing pet food, dishes grooming essentials, and other supplies. If space is limited, you can have a shelf in the hall closet or a stand- alone storage unit in an empty corner. You can use hooks, baskets, and bins for that extra organization.


Having a specific area next to your door with hooks to hang leashes and harnesses or a basket to hold treats, portable water bowls, and waste bags. Anything you would need when you are heading out could be stored here for easy access when heading out, everything in one convenient location.

Putting your dog treats in everyday glass jars will keep treats fresh and make it easier to grab what you need. Adding a decorative label to specify do treats and pet food storage. Putting a small mat under the dog dishes and bowls to prevent food from spilling all over the place.


When storing your pets' toys, using small plastic bins for balls and using a basket for chew toys will make the cleanup process easier. Keep the bins and baskets at floor level to create daily play and keeps the toys easily accessible for your pets.


Creating a pet station will be convenient for everyone in the home, allowing everyone to know where everything is stored and creating easy access on the daily! 


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