New Year, Same Resolution?

With the New Year just days away, we begin our New Year’s resolution list of new year new me.  Year after year we tell our shelves that this is the year, we are going to lose weight, quit social media, or cut out alcohol all together. Now those goals are all great, but we tend to set the same resolutions every year and never really stick to them. Why not change things up a little bit and change up those resolutions, hey you may surprise yourself!

If you are looking for a way to feel better physically, why not work out to feel good, not be thinner. We tend to obsess over the number on the scale rather than how we are feeling and that is not the case. Taking some time to get moving whether you do yoga, hiking, lifting weights, whatever it may be, you will obsess over how amazing you feel since you started being more active.

How about taking time to read a book a month? We all seem to talk about that new movie that just came out, or the shows we just binged watched cause it was so good, and I am 100% guilty of this all the time. Now what if we took 15 to 20 minutes a day to read any book of your choice. Remember reading is good for your brain, it can reduce stress, and it can improve your memory and concentration.

For those who love to travel why not make a resolution to go someplace you’ve never been before. Step outside of your comfort zone and do something daring. It’s good for the soul and forces you to learn and experience new things.

Make 2022 the year of organization and cleanliness. Clear out all that clutter you have a seriously do not need.  Clutter is literally bad for your health; research says it stresses you out. So not only will you have a clean and organized area but overall, better for your health.

Throughout our day, we can get upset or frustrated over our day to day, the traffic was worse today, spilled your coffee, you are already running late, and the gas indicator comes out, your forgot to send that email before you left, then heavy traffic when you just want to be home and forget that day ever happened. All that negativity really begins to take a toll on you, and nobody deserves that, because you got up and still made today happened, no matter how many unfortunate things happened. Take time every night to write one thing down that you are grateful for each day. End the night with gratitude and you’ll feel better when you lay your head down on your pillow.

Talk to yourself with kindness. I am one is hard on myself so much; I tend to expect more from myself and tend to be very rude and unkind with myself, and that needs to stop.  We aim to be nice to other but then criticize ourselves nonstop. You need to think nicer things about yourself.

Start cooking! Taking the time to learn new recipe or create your own dish, whatever it maybe not only will you be saving money by cooking more at home, but cooking can also be so therapeutic, and you’ll probably end up with something pretty delicious.

At the end of the day your resolution is you to make, and it is ultimately up to you, but why not think outside the box and change it up this year, I know I am!

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