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We have been waiting over a year for this time, the moment to hug our loved ones, to spend a Saturday afternoon at the movies, go to a concert, and travel the world once again. The light at the end of the tunnel that seemed so far away is now becoming a reality.

Now if you are like me exploring the world is a passion, visiting new countries, exploring cities, meeting the locals, learning the history and culture, it is all amazing to take in.  With many countries now opening again, planning my next trip excites me so much.

One problem I face when it comes to packing for a big trip far away from home, I instantly want to pack my whole house with me. It took me a couple trips to realize that less is better, just the necessities.


X-NRG Life has the perfect compact travel toothbrush cup case, which comes with two dispenser bottles, a compartment to carry your toothbrush and toothpaste, a mirror, and a rinse cup. Compact and lightweight, it fits perfectly into your luggage, carryon bags, or even any everyday use bag.


Electronics are as much a part of travel as a suitcase is.  For some of us, leaving our cell phones, laptop, tablets, or camera behind is a dreadful thought. Now with every electronic device comes along power cords and headphones.  What a mess it can get! X-NRG Life has the perfect electronics organizer bag, excellent for keeping cables, memory cards, USB drives, chargers, and headphones. Along with its perfect size, it easily fits into your luggage or backpack.


Any time you travel, it's plan for the best, prepare for the worst, no matter what kind of trip you are taking. Whether it's white water rafting or a relaxing day on the beach, accidents happen and being prepared is the best way to prevent a mishap from becoming something bigger. X-NRG Life has the perfect first aid kit on the go and excursion first aid kit for any emergency you may encounter.

So, when you are planning your next trip do not forget to pack your new favorite travel essentials!

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