Maximize Storage Space in Your Apartment Closet

Apartment closets are notorious for being small but living in a city is all about location. So if you've found your place to call home, let's tackle how you can make the most of this tiny closet.  Below are some tips on how to organize your small apartment closet for efficiency and functionality.  

Rotate with the Seasons

The most effective way of maximizing space in your closet is deciding on what goes in it right now.  Storing seasonal clothing also minimizes dust they collect because clothes aren't being used.  If you don't have space to store a hefty storage bin all year long, consider the below fabric bags with zippered closure.


These fabric storage bags have a viewing window so you can peek at what's inside, come in a manageable size so they don't get too heavy to carry, and they fold down flat for storage. 

Valuable Floor Space

You live in a tiny apartment so you know about valuable floor space. Longer clothes are hiding valuable floor space. 

Clear totes with locking lid for closet garage storage on wheels

Floors can get dusty though so make sure to store your closet items in a sealed storage bin to keep dust away and for easy cleaning. The above clear totes are a winner because they come with little wheels so you can easily pull them out and put back when done. The clear sides offer a clear view of what is inside and they are stackable. 

Up in the Air

If the space above your shelf in the closet is more than 15"H add another shelf above that shelf.  Chances are you aren't going to be stacking anything over 15" and if you are, then you've experienced the raining pile of clothes.  If you're petite, I suggest a folding step stool to quickly help you reach what you need.

Clear Acrylic Adjustable Shelf Dividers for Closet Pantry and Bathroom Cabinets    

Storing on this top top shelf also means collecting dust, so it'd be the best place to house storage bins.  Remember to get ones with a cover to minimize dust and not too large in size for easy grabbing. The soft baskets above with drawstring cover are a great solution for top shelf storage and organization. 


Behind the Door

Did you know there is a good three to four inches of space between your hangers and the closet doors? If your closet door swings open, over the door hangers are very helpful and offer a variety of functions such as over the door shoe racks and over the door mirrors. Most closet doors aren't solid so I wouldn't suggest punching holes through the door.

On the Back Wall

Same usually goes for the space between your hangers and the back wall. Imagine a wall of pants hanging from hooks that you've attached to your back wall.  

Bamboo backed metal folding hooks for entryway closet mudroom coat hook rack Bamboo coat rack with fold down metal hooks

The above bamboo coat rack with folding metal hooks are the perfect space saving solution.  The hooks fold up when not in use and and fold down when you need them.  

Organizing Your Drawers

Staying organized maximizes space in your closet.  Don't forget to use up the space inside your drawers. 

Drawer organizers are a very functional organizing tool because they corral, sort, and minimize disturbing the things around them. The above honeycomb drawer organizers are perfect for larger drawers because they are thin, lightweight, and can be connected to span a large area for best use. 

Hanger System

You've seen those thin velvety hangers that come fifty in a pack? A standard size hanger is about quarter inch thick when the velvet ones are about one eighth of an inch thick. You've nearly freed up double the closet space by switching to velvet hangers! 

Pants Scarf hanger stainless steel with rubber grip for anti slip   

Another smart tool is the multi rung hanger.  Using up more vertical space than horizontal space, these stainless steel hangers are great for hanging pants, scarves, tube tops, and more! 

So remember to look above and beyond for all those empty nooks and crannies that is hiding valuable storage space in that tiny closet and you'll realize, your closet wasn't that tiny after all. 

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