Making use of fabric baskets/bags

Our days can be a jammed back schedule, from taking the kids to school, work, grocery shopping, etc., the list can go on forever. But something that doesn’t ever seem to slow down is the dreaded laundry that you have piling up at the house. Especially with kids, they must be thrown all over the room not even knowing what is clean and what is dirty, it can be a huge headache.

Lately an item that has been gaining a lot of popularity, are fabric bags or fabric baskets, whichever way you say it works. These items have been growing in demand for so many reasons, they vary in size. Depending on your living situation, if you have a large enough space, you may go for the larger fabric bag with the more room you have. Now if space is limited you can find a smaller one to work with your space. The best part about fabric laundry bags, you will find the one that works perfect for your needs.

Collapsible Laundry Basket Black with Laundry emblazonedCollapsible Laundry Basket grey with Laundry emblazoned

Another reason for the new popularity, you can find these in different shapes. You can find the right one you need for you living situation, for example, if you have a space that a nice square laundry bag would look perfect in, you can find one to fit perfectly in, allowing you to design your area as you please.

Now everyone has different style, so not one bag will fit perfect for everyone. With the variety of colors these laundry bags come in, finding the perfect one for the different rooms will not be difficult. Need one for your little girl’s room in pink, one for your son in green, and a neutral color for your room, finding those will be no problem at all.

Even with the growing popularity of laundry fabric bags, these items stay with a great budget that you don’t feel like you are having to pay a ton for these items. Finding these at a price that won’t feel like you are breaking the budget is easy.

These fabric bags are perfect for any room, because they are not necessarily just for laundry but are also perfect for storing everyday items around your home. These bags come very stylish, so they also act as home décor. Finding them in different colors or with different designs to match your home, then storing your throw blankets or pillows, the perfect storage solution. 

grey fabric canvas baskets with nautical rope for toy storage in bookcase

Another spot for these fabric bags is in your kids’ room or playroom, they are great to hold their toys. Finding them in your child’s favorite color is simple, but also with a design that fits their personality is out there. Simple enough to make clean up easy for kids and will also be very stylish.

 Woven cotton baskets white and grey with grey poms poms

Now if you are looking for smaller fabric bags, not for laundry, but to store items on your shelves, you can also find those here at X-nrg. Amazing to store items in your bathroom, nursery, in your living room, and so many other places, keeping all items you need at arm’s reach but also adding décor to your home.

Fabric baskets are amazing for any home, coming in a lot of neutral colors to match many homes, and in different sizes for whatever you may need it from laundry to toys, to storing books, you will find what you need!

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