Laundry Day Blues

When the day finally comes, the dreaded laundry day, I tend to put it off as long as I can before I really need to do my laundry. The pile tends to get large, and I understand that if I would just do my laundry sooner rather than waiting until I have nothing to wear that it wouldn’t be so dreadful, but it’s just one of the house chores that I tend to put to the side. Then when I finally get to doing my laundry it sits in my laundry basket, and to be honest, it will sit in there the whole time. So besides working on my laundry, I also need to work on my organization, but we can save that for a later day.

Now the act of doing laundry isn’t too bad, I mean you literally just put your items in the machine and let that do the work for you, but how come even that sounds like so much?! Why do we make it such a horrible chore, when in all honesty, it doesn’t have to be? Especially when you have the right tools to get the job done. Let’s look at a few items that will make your laundry day seem less like a chore and more of a breeze.


Use our Woolzies 100% organic wool dryer balls for laundry. They will keep your clothes, soft, fresh, and fragrant, when used with our woolzies essential oils, and best of all it’s chemical-free! Our dryer wool balls will help keep your laundry fluffy and smooth. Using wool dryer balls create faster drying times.  As dryer balls tumble around your dryer, they separate the items and create pockets of air. These air pockets allow for improved airflow throughout the dryer, which can help your laundry dry up to 25% faster than it would without dryer balls. When your clothes dry faster, you are now saving energy and money. Also, want fresh smelling laundry? Woolzies oil collection, The Laundry Essential Oil, is perfect for your dryer balls, fresh smelling laundry every time!

Forget about traditional hampers, our Laundry Basket Fabric Bags are more convenient, compact, and stylish.  The perfect laundry accessory for storing your dirty laundry, but with it’s stylish and soft padded ring handle, with its comfortable feel, it is great for carrying your items from your room to the laundry room. The perfect basket for dormitories, campers, apartments, hotel stays, and so much more. When not in use, they are easy to fold and store out of the way until you need it next.

When I do laundry, my boyfriends work shirts need to be hung dry, at his request, which is no trouble at all, but when it comes to space to hang these items, the space is very limited, so there are times when I am struggling where to hang dry these items. But with the Extendable Arm Clothes Drying Rack, that is all about to change. Depending on your space and needs, you can choose between a one arm, two, and even three expandable arms to dry your items. Widely use the rack for use in bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, laundry room, and wardrobe.  It’s perfect for small spaces and out-of-the-way corners.  You can use them to hang jeans, shirts, pants, jackets, kid’s clothing, belts, etc. You can freely unfold or fold it to adjust the length according to your needs. You can keep it close to the wall to save space when out of use.  360 degrees rotary windproof rings, easier to hang clothes and more effective to prevent clothes from blowing off by the wind.

Allow your shoes to breathe with this convenient Shoe Drying Hanger. Put the shoes upside down onto the rack to help water drain out.  With its thick plastic design, it holds the shoes safely so the shoes will not drop out.  Comes conveniently with a hook you can hand your shoe drying rack on any place such as rope, clothes pole, etc.  The hook allows you to hang the shoes onto the rack easily and holds them safely.  The bottom can rotate 360 degrees, you can also connect with other racks to use together vertically, allowing you to save space.


Laundry day does not have to be a drag, especially when you have the right accessories to get the job done!


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