How To Organize Your Closet for Spring Season

We've made it thru the winter and it's time to get out those colorful silky spring outfits! Thick chunky sweaters make way for sheer long tunics and fuzzy bootie socks get replaced with nylon ankle socks. But how do you go about organizing your spring closet for best efficiency when getting dressed in the morning? Here are some tips on the best products out there to help you get ready for the world!

Step 1. It's Spring! and Spring means Spring Cleaning... Your Closet!

As you pull your spring clothes from the storage bins, take this opportunity to check your clothes over.  The first rule of looking put together is to have clothes that are in good condition and quality, unless you're going for that grunge worn look, but even then there's a purposeful design to the fading and rips.  I wouldn't suggest getting rid of any clothes that are out of date or even a wrong size. You never know when they'll be back in style or who could use a hand me down later. Section out your room into four categories: Wear, Next Time, Donate, and Toss. Wear is for the clothes you plan on rocking this Spring.  Next time is for the clothes that may be out of date, wrong size, or you just aren't feeling right now. Donate is for the gently worn clothes.  Toss is for the clothes past salvaging. 

Soft bins like these below with enclosures allow clothes in storage to breath but still minimizing dust and bugs. Click on image for product details. 


After you've gone thru all the bins, time to put the Next Time pile and winter clothes into storage. Remember to check over the winter clothes as well and add to the Donate or Toss pile.  Don't put those bins away just yet, in case you had a last minute change of mind with your piles. Your closet should be pretty empty now so take this opportunity to wipe down hanging rods, re-contact shelves if needed, and vaccumm up the drawers. 

Step 2. How to organize a Spring Closet

This next step is much like organizing any season's wardrobe really.  First take a tally of your new Spring Wardrobe by sorting them into categories: Tops, bottoms, dresses, and under garments, even down to accessories, etc.  Then take a look at your closet and plan out where you will be putting what. Think outside the box this time and try to think back what frustrations you had with your closet or getting dressed last year. 

If you remembered running out of space with hanging t-shirts last year, maybe try rolling them this year to save space and storing them on shelves instead. You can minimize shoulder creases from hangers too storing this way.  Shelf dividers make handy helpers in this case being that they are reusable and adjustable to position. 

Shelf dividers keep clothes piles in place minimizing messes. To create more space try a multi rung hanger to hang tops. Click on image for product details. 

Clear Acrylic Adjustable Shelf Dividers for Closet Pantry and Bathroom Cabinets   Pants Scarf hanger stainless steel with rubber grip for anti slip

If you felt like you were always looking for things, we swear by the power of drawer organizers! Everything is sorted in its own little pocket and you can grab things without messing up the drawer and disturbing other items. 

Go with customizable organizers that can be trimmed down for larger drawers or individual bins for smaller drawers.Click on image for product details.


If you don't have enough drawer space in your closet or space in your room to add a dresser or chest, consider using baskets and bins. Baskets have drawer function in that they let you stack and store.  Clear bins are our favorite because they sort and organize and allow you to see everything in storage. 

Consider clear bins for easy viewing or fabric soft bins to create more space in your closet and provide drawer function. Click on image for product details.

Clear acrylic storage bins with cutout handles for clothes towels toiletries pantry 

Step 3. Now that you have your plan together, it's time to fill your closet. 

Keep in mind what items you wear most often and which items are accent pieces.  Items that get worn more often should be placed towards the front, at eye level, or in a position that easily accessible by you.  This is your closet of course. Store your clothes with organization in mind so that you won't disrupt shelf piles by always pulling your favorite shirt from the bottom or messing up your drawers by moving too many things around. After doing laundry and you're putting clothes away, remember to follow this set of rules too to maintain your closet all thru Spring. 

Final Tip

When hanging your tops, hang them in order of sleeve length.  Tube tops, to Spaghetti straps, to Short Sleeves, to 3/4 Sleeves and so on. Do the same with bottoms. That way, when layering for a breezy or light rain day, you can easily and quickly find what you need to make your outfit happen.


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