How to Declutter and Organize Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are the smallest rooms in the home but they don't have to feel that way.  We use this room all day everyday to groom, for hygiene, and for storage.  The bathroom deserves our attention and care to decor and organization just as much as the rest of the house. So how do you declutter your bathroom and make it feel bigger than it is?  Here are a few simple tips. 

Minimize the amount of things left out in the open

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First decide what absolutely needs to be left out on the vanity tops, the shower tub, and anywhere else you might have sitting on the shelves in your bathroom.  For example, toothbrushes, hand towels, and hand soap, there really isn't much else that should be on your vanity tops. Maybe you want your toothpaste left out or your contact lens but realistically that could be it.  Do the same for your shower tub.  If you have a cleanser or exfoliant you use once in a while, those really should go inside the cabinet. Remember, the purpose is to declutter!  Set aside the items you purged and organize them with the next steps. 

Organize your drawers

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Drawers first because they are the easiest things to organize due to their smaller area. Tackle bathroom drawers first because they will give you a sense of accomplishment and motivate you to keep going! If you have multiple drawers there are two criterias for what goes in the top drawer: size and frequency of use. To make your morning routine efficient, accessories and toiletries you use daily should go in the top drawer and then any smaller items if your drawers are different sizes.  For the remaining drawers, store your frequently used toiletries closer to the side you are grabbing from and organize the rest of bathroom drawer by frequency of use. If you have back up bottles of shampoo or lotion, store that towards the back of your bathroom cabinet so they're out of your way.

Organize your cabinet

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Your cabinet is meant for bulkier items and least frequently used items. Think of it as your private little warehouse for where you grab your extra soaps and conditioners. To maintain organization and the sorting you are about to do, introduce baskets to corral all your toiletries. This way if you need to grab something from the back, you can pull an entire basket of bottles and jars out of the way instead of one container at a time, knocking things over as you go. 

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Bathroom cabinets are usually pretty tall so take advantage of that vertical space. Sometimes you may have taller bulkier toiletries already in there so adding a full length shelf may not be a good option. Utilize independent racks like the ones above to add shelf space without losing all your vertical storage space.

Organize and dress up your items out in the open

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You thought we were done here, but no, we are adding finishing touches. You have decluttered your vanity and shower tub but your bathroom still lacks that pizzazz. PLUS you want it to stay decluttered and organized so a little planning is required. For your vanity, simple touches of a toothbrush holder, towel mount, or dish trays like the decorative trays above can greatly elevate your bathroom decor.

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All done and you still have time to spare! You've worked hard today purging and organizing your bathroom.  I think you've earned that hot bath that is calling your name. 


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