How to create more counter space in the kitchen

We've all been there. We've all had that ambition to cook that awesome meal on Friday night instead of eating out. Then we looked up a recipe that called for a meat hammer, melon peeler, or bottle of bay leaves so we buy the tools we need, use it once and never use it again. With living spaces getting smaller, including the kitchen, what do we do with all these cooking tools? 

First, you are going to need declutter.  Get rid of all the spices, seasonings, and condiments that are expired.  Throw out that stained kitchen towel and can opener that just doesn't work anymore. If you remember you hated making sushi, you probably aren't going to do it again so throw out those tools that are associated with a bad experience.  

Second, store away. You don't need five ladles in your kitchen drawer right now. But, ladles don't expire and sadly, they just don't make product as sturdy as they used to anymore. I would suggest keeping at the most two of each cooking tool, at the same time, in the kitchen and put the rest in a bin marked KITCHEN in the garage. 

Lastly, we organize. Alongside all the cool kitchen tools that have been invented to save us time and help us cook with ease, kitchen storage and organization has also become a booming market.  An organized kitchen is an efficient kitchen.  Easy to cook in and easy to clean.  Here are a few tips on how to maximize counter space in your kitchen. 

To create counter space, add counter space.

ID USA 11426 Kitchen Cart with Faux Marble Top two drawers storage cabinet on locking wheels

Kitchen carts are a must have in any kitchen nowadays.  They're very versatile and take on many roles in the kitchen.  They provide storage, table top workspace, and are mobile on wheels so you can roll them out during entertaining to display your hard worked on lasagna.  

Drawer organizers and racks were made for a reason. 

Expandable Bamboo Drawer OrganizerExpandable Spice Rack three tier with rubber lined shelves

A place for everything and everything in its place. It's not only important to be able to store all your tools.  You also need to be able to find your tools. You'll be surprised how much your drawers can hold when you add in dividers. Plus these little walls allow you to sort and stack similar objects in the same slot so you aren't searching thru the whole drawer for that little measuring spoon. Racks can divide dishes to help you pull that one plate you want for that beautiful salmon steak you just make. And tiered spice racks let you see everything at a glance. 

Now let's make that countertop space count. 

Wall mounted kitchen tool spice rack utensil organizer Kitchen Organizer utensil holder knife block cutting board holder metal spice rack

You've heard of a workstation in the office. This is a workstation on your countertop.  Choose from wall mounted or sitting on your countertop, the point of these storage racks is to put all your frequently used kitchen tools, utensils, spices, seasonings, you name it, at your fingertips right when you need them. Extend your cabinet door hinge life or drawer glide life by keeping the tools you most frequently use on your counterspace within a workstation that takes up to little or no space on your counter. I would recommend choosing one made of metal for easy cleaning and sturdiness.  Not surprisingly, everything you need at arms reach also increases the efficiency and takes out the stress of cooking. 

So now with everything in its place, ready to work and work for you, clean up is a breeze and you no longer have to dread the cooking or the clean up of a home cooked meal. 



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