How to Clean Up Clutter in Three Steps

I’ve stared at a room for five minutes just calculating in my head how long it would take me to declutter the room only to give up before starting because I would talk myself out of it. I always tell myself “Another day when I have more time.” Here’s a few tips on how to get started, get it done with less stress, and maintain.

Tackle one at a time

The main hurdle to cleaning or decluttering is, where to start?  Easily overcome this fear by limiting yourself to one room, one cabinet, or even one bookcase at a time, depending on how much stuff there is. If you only tackle one project at a time you won’t have to worry about spending all day on it, only for the room to be in more disarray before you started, waiting until the next time you have time to declutter. So walk right into that room now, close your eyes, point at something and get started.

Sorting and Simplifying

First, make sure you clear your floor space, enough to pull everything out of that cabinet or bookcase and set on the floor (or table).  Get two bags and a few boxes/bins. Mark one bag trash and one bag donate.  Start going thru the items and toss things into the bags or sorting them into bins.  For example, if your project is your desk, sort all your stationery into a bin, all your files into a bin, all your books into a bin, etc.

Organize and Allocate

Now, take a look at what you’re left with and look at the space that they have to go back into. Make a plan on where or how to display things and what should be stored from view.  Bins, racks and organizers are your ally here.  Since everything is off the shelves, take this chance to give the space a good wipe down.  Now start placing things back into the space.  Remember to keep things that you use frequently towards the front or in a comfortable to reach height.  Up your game with printed labels on storage boxes for that professional look.  Plus it makes things easier to find.  A place for everything and everything in its place makes sure that you can keep up with and maintain this system for your newly organized space. 


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