How to Add More Storage Space in your Bathroom

Are you constantly knocking things over in your bathroom? Are your shower shelves overflowing with shampoo bottles and conditioners?  Here are some great and inexpensive products that add storage space to your bathroom. 

Bathrooms that lack drawers storage

Two Tier Metal Storage Drawers $34.99, Click on image for product details

If your bathroom vanity is lacking in drawer space, add drawer space with this metal two tier drawer set. Featuring a shorter drawer on top and a deeper drawer on the bottom, corral and organize your shampoo bottles and toiletries in an easy to use drawer system. The narrow body of this rack is designed to fit in small spaces like bathroom vanities. 

Need more shelf space in your shower tub

Two Tier Metal Storage Drawers $34.99, Click on image for product details

If your shower is lacking in shelf space and overflowing with shampoo bottles and soaps, this simplistic corner two shelf rack can help you with that. Made of waterproof plastic that is easy to clean, quickly add more storage space to your shower tub with this inexpensive shower shelf rack. 

Still need more shelf space in your shower tub

Storage Basket with Handles $8.99, Click on image for product details

If you don't have space to add shelves to your shower tub, think outside the box and hold your shower toiletries in this bath caddy and store in your cabinet. This storage basket has vented holes to minimizer moisture collection and has handles so you can take all your things with you into the shower. Plus, this systyem reduces the yucky grime soap bottles produce from sitting on your shower shelves.

Who says coat racks only belong in entry ways


Liberty White Coat Rack $21.99, Click on image for product details

Have you noticed coat racks cost cheaper than bathroom towel hooks? PLUS adding a coat rack to your bathroom provides a row of hooks with one install.  Not just for towels, this row of hooks can be your station for holding hand held mirrors, hair accessories, hairbrushes and more. 

Can't find anything in your deep cabinets

Rotating Organizer Two Shelf $22.99, Click on image for product details

If you feel like you're always searching for things inside your bathroom cabinets, this two shelf rotating organizer can help you find what your looking for in a cinch. Featuring rubber grips on the bottom of the table, the removable dividers on top turn into a storage caddy so you can grab all of what you need when you need it. 

Hanging Baskets 

Hanging Basket $9.99, Click on image for product details

Add storage space outside of your bathroom cabinets with hanging baskets. This basket features ventilation holes to minimize moisture collection and fits on most towel rods and shower rods.  Keep your toiletries handy and easy to grab when storing in these hanging baskets. 

Think outside the box 

Mop Rack $11.99, Click on image for product details

Consider a mop rack to hold your cleaning brushes. Mount to the inside wall of your bathroom cabinet and organize your brushes for easy grabbing. The sturdy spring loaded latches can sticks of various widths.  Foldable hooks are great for hooking towels and scrubbers with a rope. 

Stay Organized 

Honeycomb Drawer Organizer $11.99, Click on image for product details

The most effective way to maximizing and creating storage space in your bathroom is by keeping organized. Organizers keep items corraled in their spot so they don't shift around and create dead space in your cabinets. Plus they make things easy to find because your things are already sorted. 


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