How do you know when it's time to get Organized?

I spend a lot of time online looking at people organize their home, the way their living room looks flawless, how the bathroom just flows, and the kitchen, just amazed how every single item has a place, just completely spotless. I then start the process of hey, why doesn't my home just flow so easily like theirs does, I deserve my home to feel like that. Then I start the process of looking for organizing bins, baskets, hooks, etc. but as quickly as I begin to search, I close the window and begin something else, because my home isn't a horrible mess, it's just fine. But many of us feel that way, we feel we do not need to take those steps into organizing because are home isn't a total mess. Chances are though, we may need to get a better handle on our organizing efforts.

One way to see if your organizing efforts need attention is, do you own duplicates of anything? Buying the same shirt twice because you haven't taken the time to organize your closet or dresser. Chances are you aren't switching your closet out during seasons and your clothes just has a permanent home in your closet just stuffed in there.  It may not even be your closet; it could be you own double or multiple tools or pots and pans, take time to go through your belongings and get rid of any duplicates.

Have you caught your shelf looking for something in your home that you know you saw just the other day but just can't find it now? Yes, it happens all the time, just when you need something it is nowhere to be found, so you go out and buy a new one, and it decides to show up! This happens way to often with me, which is how I tend to end up with multiple of items. Taking the time to declutter and organize my belongings will have you saving time because you will know where everything is and in the long run save money because you will not be spending money on multiple of the same item.

Losing my keys was almost an everyday problem for me, I never put them in the same spot, so the next time I needed my keys, it was a mission to find them. If you are like me and you are consistently losing things, it may be time to get organized. Creating designated spots for our everyday items will save us time and stress when we are trying to get out of the house.

We tend to hold onto a lot of items, I mean I do it all the time, it's either a sentimental value or I just can't seem to part ways with an item, and when that happens the clutter begins to happen. Sometimes clutter can become so overwhelming we do not know how or where to start.  Start with taking time out of each week or every other week to clear out a room or area.  Give yourself a time limit of like an hour and you'll see the clutter go away, but also keep your home organized.

Organizing your home is a process, it will not happen all in one day, it takes time and patience, especially when you have so many belongings that have cumulated throughout the years.  With these easy steps get your home organized!

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