Easy Tips on Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom

Spring is in the air and it's time to put away those holiday curtains and spring clean your bathroom! Spring cleaning your bathroom is much like spring cleaning your closet or your home. The point is to declutter, update and refresh. But with the bathroom, there is so many bottles and product to go thru, it can be overwhelming to organize. Here are a few tips on how to spring clean your bathroom! 

Clean out those bathroom cabinets


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If you're like me, you go through more moisturizer in the winter.  My bathroom cabinet is stuffed to the max with half empty lotion bottles by the end of winter. Pull everything out of your bathroom cabinet and give your cabinet a good wipe down. Clean up any spills and assess whether you need to change out your contact paper. 

Make your keep, donate, and toss piles

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Get a trash bag, a box, and start decluttering the mess.  Things you want to toss go into the trash bag. If you forgot you had product and am not committing to use it that very week, that should go in the toss pile.  New and slightly used products can go in the donate box. Now that you're done sorting, move the trash bag and the donate box to right outside the bathroom door.  In case you change your mind with anything in the keep pile. 

Plan how you are going to store things

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Now you're going to organize your keep pile into two: a frequently used pile and a backup pile. Frequently used items should be stored closest to where you stand when you're getting ready in the mornings so they're easy to grab. The items should go in the top bathroom drawers or placed towards the front of the bathroom cabinet. 

Organizing your bathroom cabinet

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Start with the back up pile and put these products towards the back of the cabinet. If you see alot of empty space in the upper part of your bathroom cabinet, the above metal racks can help you use up that space without dividing your cabinet into two halves. Now you can put back your frequently used products.

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Taller items should go into the cabinet and smaller items into the drawers. If you don't have drawers, or have too many smaller items than drawer space, the above metal drawer system is a great option for the bathroom. It's made of heavy duty metal finished in a baked varnish so it's rust proof and easy to clean. 

Organizing your Drawers

Drawer organizers are a useful tool for keeping your drawers tidy and neat all the time. Drawer organizers help you corral similar items together so you can see everything you have. When you go in to grab something you don't disturb the rest of the items in the drawers too. 

Acrylic clear drawer organizers for bathroom drawer

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Clear drawer organizers are a great option. They offer a clear view of everything in your bathroom drawer while keeping everything sorted and your drawer tidy. However, that means you can see all the dust collecting as well plus they scratch easy. 

drawer organizer bins Storage boxes set-White

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Solid plastic drawer bins are great because they are solid, have an interconnecting lip so they don't move around as much, and you can easy remove them for cleaning. They don't look as great as the acrylic organizers though but they are an economical option. 

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The newest on the market are these honeycomb drawer organizers. These organizers are great because they fold down compact, have an interlocking system, and you can custom fit them to larger drawers or cut them down to size as needed. These drawer organizers sort just as well but you would have to remove everything from your drawer to clean because these organizers don't have a bottom. 

Now that you have your bathroom cabinet freshly updated and cleaned out for Spring, don't forget to update your bathroom decor and scents as well! 



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