Drawer Organizers - The best little declutter helpers

Many people repurpose the utensil tray as a drawer organizer but you're always left with that little bit of room on the side too narrow and long to fit anything but a ruler.  Pens and pencils don't quite fit into the slots either.  It's all wasted space. 

Then these drawer organizers started popping up in stores. They're made up of separate little bins that are the perfect size to sort your paper clips, cute erasers, and other stationery in your collection.  Because they are all separate bins, you can customize the best fit to your drawer or even repurpose them to another drawer.  So which ones are best for you?

1. The Utility Drawer Organizers.  Simple and basic.  These drawer organizers come with long, square and one large bin.  Why we love?  On the edge of these bins is a lip that allows you to connect them to one another to minimize empty space or opening over use. Plus, it's the cheapest option.  Cons: It's a little drab for my personal taste.  But hey, it gets the job done. 

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Drawer Organizer Bins in White Plastic

2. The Acrylic Drawer Organizers.  Fancy upgraded look.  These drawer organizers also come in various sizes.  Why we love?  They looks so clean and put together!  The see thru sides allow you to see everything in the bin clearly making items easier to grab when needed.  Cons: acrylic is easy to scratch and high usage over time deteriorates the look quickly.  Not recommended for high use drawers.  

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Drawer Organizers Bins in Clear Acrylic

3. The Adjustable Divider Drawer Organizers.  This one has my vote!  This drawer organizer is one giant piece with dividers includes.  Why we love?  It's made of natural bamboo and the included dividers allows you to really customize the fit to your stationery.  Cons: It's one big piece so like the utensil tray, you may end up with a slim long empty space in your drawer.  But with the customizable dividers, it may allow you to fit more in than the traditional organizer bins. 

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4. The customizable drawer organizer.  These are the newest drawer organizers on the market right now. Best used for larger drawers, you can fill up or cut down to size to your drawer organizing needs. Our favorite is the honeycomb design below.  Like most customizable drawer organizers, these clip on to each other and are thin enough to cut down with a pair of utility scissors. When not in use just detach, dissassemble to compact size and store away. These are our favorite though because of the interesting honeycomb shape that provide a bigger storage space than the square or diamond ones that are also common. 

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As you can see, the above drawer organizers have their own pros and cons depending on what you need them for.  There are different benefits and uses for larger drawers, smaller items, longer items, etc. The one main benefit is the same and that is keeping your clutter orderly and making things easy to find. If you don't want to purchase drawer organizers, you can reuse snack box trays or old tupperware for the same function. The point is is a place for everything and everything in its place.  Happy Organizing! 

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