Car Hacks Every Parent Needs to Know

With the school year and extra-curricular activities coming in full swing this time of year, depending on your car is high right now. Going any where with kids can be handful, so keeping your less messy, can be so helpful on those long days in the car. Just looking to keep your car less messy, having a few car hacks on hand can make a difference.  Check out these car hacks to transform the way you use your car, and keep it clean too! 


Kids will get hungry at the most random moments, especially when running a quick errand turns out a little long, so being prepared is always a plus. Keep a snack basket in your car with a few of your kids’ favorite snacks, some water bottles and juice boxes are always a plus. Make those long days in the car a little easier on the kids with having things easily accessible for them.

Cars can get messy quickly by just allowing stuff to be spread out all over the car. Keep things organized by putting a bin system and other organizers in your car for practical storage. Keep extra clothes for any emergency, a first aid kit because you never know when an accident can occur, but better prepared then not. The bin organizers are a great way to not only keep your car clean and organized but allows to stay prepared while out with your kids.

There are times when picking kids up from school can mean running errands or to some extra curricular activities, but these kids can get hungry, and we all know how eating a full meal in the car can be super hectic and extremely messy. Grab your self some plastic shower caddies from any dollar store. Shower caddies are a life saver in any car, can hold fast food when on the road and messy snacks.

I cannot stress it enough when I always tell myself, why don’t I have a trash in my car? With the scraps of papers, receipts, and all kinds of other junk, my car begins to accumulate just unnecessary trash. So, instead of putting trash in the cupholder or all through the car, keep a designated trash bin for trash in the car. Be creative and use any unwanted small box or even a small grocery bag to contain trash in one spot

If you are anything like me, when it comes to my glove compartment, I throw all kinds of stuff in there. You can find a book, magazine, junk mail, and so much more in there. So, keeping my important car documents in there like insurance and registration, they can get lost with all the mess I have in there. Use an index card holder to keep track of essential car documents. You will know exactly where they are when you need them.

Using a shoe organizer bag with multiple pockets to keep toys and activities to keep kids busy during long car rides. This will keep activities at reach for the kids and they will know exactly where to put them back. You can easily change toys or activities for every trip to keep the kids entertained with new things.

An emergency kit in your trunk is almost a must, keeping general and practical items. Items for your car like jump cables and a few basic tools. Then you want to keep items like a blanket, spare clothes, water, an umbrella, etc.  Of course, this could also depend on where you live and seasonally.

We use our cars everyday and it can get messy quickly, but keeping organizers and basic everyday items, not only will you keep your car organized but also stocked for any emergency.

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