Best Spice Racks Ranked

Over the years, meal preps and home cooking has touted the benefits of saving money, health, and saving time. And so came the increase of kitchen tools, utensils, and seasonings in our kitchen drawer and cupboards. Don't get me wrong, I believe these are essential. But you've been there. Scooting bottles around looking for cumin or bay leaf only to knock bottles over while the chicken is burning in the skillet. 

Remedy? Spice Racks. Whether you're a spice fiend or just a touch of salt and pepper type, here we've ranked our spice racks best to suit your needs. 

#3. The simple and fun. Our rotating spice rack comes with six glass bottles and stainless steel lids that are easy to clean. The stainless steel lids have an opening built in so you can spice up your life with a twist of the hand. Designed to look like an accent piece on your countertop, this spice rack sits on a turn table so you can easily and quickly find the spice you were looking for. 

Rotating glass bottle spice rack with stainless steel lid

#2. The Expandable. Expanding up to 26" wide, this three tier spice rack features rubber lined shelves to keep spices from sliding around and three different heights so you can see all your bottle labels at a glance. Compact at 9.65"D, it is designed to fit inside most kitchen cabinets and grows with you as you add to your spice collection.  Can also be used in the pantry to organize cans and condiments.  Go nuts!

Expandable spice rack three tier plastic with rubber lining

#1. This is our mother of spice racks. Made of metal with baked varnish and heavy duty, this spice rack isn't just for spices. This is your cooking workstation. You can house all sorts of seasonings and flavoring bottles on this baby.  Plus, it comes with a utensil holder, knife holder, cutting board holder, and hanging hooks. When you wanted everything at arms reach, this is what you're talking about. 

Metal spice rack with utensil holder cutting board holder hanging hooks


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