Back to school meal preps

With summer coming to end, which means the beginning of the school year. With the beginning of the school year means the busy schedules starting up again. Running to school, extra-curricular activities, and late-night homework sessions it can begin to get very exhausting. Now with such a busy schedule getting food ready for you and your family can seem like a lot at times. Now wouldn't it be great for some help with meal prepping? At X-nrg, we have what you need to help you get through those busy days and worrying less.

These Portion Perfect's Collapsible Snack Containers are an ideal lunch container.  Customize your lunch with perfect portions, each section can hold 1 cup, perfect to hold the needed veggies, fruits, and proteins. Great for packing lunches and snacks, to take to school or work. Made of silicone, these food storage cubes come with a Snap-on lid with a leak proof design. They are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. 


Looking to get your cooking down to a science, this helpful little scale is what you need. Our digital food scale is a perfect tool for food measurement and portion control, helping speed up meal prep and cut down on dirty dishes. Whether you are a pastry chef trying out new recipes, an amateur cook wanting to discover the perfect cookie, or a homeschooling parent ready to try out home science projects, you can do no better! With this kitchen scale, start enjoying dependable and precise measurement. 

These Net Zero Silicone Stretch Lids grip tight, don't waste your time with others.  These 6 covers are perfect for bowls, sturdy and stretchable with a brilliant seal, Grips to wooden, glass, and plastic bowls. Use the silicone stretch lids to cover up leftover food or fruit on dowls or dishes, can withstand cold and hot temperatures so you can put meals in the fridge and microwave covered.  These stretchy silicone lids can be used multiple times, reduce the plastic waste.  The silicone lids are durable and can be used for many years, no need to worry about wear and tear. 

No just a simple chopping board, but also a colander strainer that collapses flat for compact storage.  Go from washing veggies and fruits, to straining water to chopping board with one tool.  Clever drain plug is flush to the board and does not get in the way of chopping.  Can also be used as a carrying basket during meal prep or dish tub for cleaning dishes. 


Our Collapsible Over the Sink Rinse Tub holds almost six quarts of your favorite food.  Easily strain pasta, fruits, vegetables, and so much more.  With its collapsible feature, easy to store in any kitchen cabinet, drying tray, or deep drawer, not much room will be taken up.  The ergonomic handles are comfortable, soft, and rubberized.  Two specially designed handles make it easy for you to prepare your food.  Convenient for you and your family to use every day.

Meal prep takes preparation cutting up lots of veggies and fruits but it's worth your health! This hanging waste bin relieves your back from having to bend over frequently and makes clean up easy! Made to be hung on the kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts.  When not in use the bin folds up compact and takes up little storage space.

If you're using disposable baggies in your kitchen, or plastic wrapping things into your fridge, we've got a solution that will save you money and waste! Net Zero Co Silicone Sealers give snacks, meal preps, and leftovers an airtight seal.  They keep fruits and veggies crunchy, and leftovers fresh for days. These reusable sandwich bags are thickened and can be reused hundreds of times.  With this much value you will have enough for family use and will save you thousands of disposable bags every year. The perfect solution for plastic bags waste reduction. Airtight, leakproof seal, perfect for storing and preserving food. 

 This cooking oil spray bottle is made of glass and comes with a large area press button, easy to press and control the dosage, with an anti-skid design with wave strips on the spray button.  Mist your pan without over-drenching it with oil by using this oil spray bottle.  With an easy-to-use pump style, pressing the valve on the pressurized sprayer produces a super fine mist, is more uniform in spraying and controls the amount of oil per time used in cooking, every time, and uses less oil, which is healthier for you and your family too.


Don't let the new school year get you overwhelmed with the busy schedule you are going to have. With X-nrg, we can help with the meal prep to get some stress off your hands. 

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