A Little Me Time!

Our days are usually jammed back, it always seems as if we are on the go with something to do. We find our weeks just filled with what seems never ending must do items. Sometimes though we need to take time for ourselves to unwind and just reenergize ourselves just in general. Our bodies will thank us in the long run for taking the time to take care of ourselves. Pampering ourselves doesn’t mean we have to go to a fancy spa to get that pamper we deserve, because we all unwind differently, like taking a long run, exercising, reading a good book, a nice long bubble bath, or an at home face mask and your favorite TV show. Whatever it may look like, take some time this week to dedicate to yourself, and really enjoy some me time!

Taking some time for yourself may look different for everyone, it could maybe be taking a few extra minutes in the shower to really focus on you and do a little extra something that you usually do not do, like taking time to exfoliate. With our organic Chagrin Valley Body scrubs, you can feel the different sugar grains textures providing you different levels of exfoliation. Gentle cleansing and oils help you provide moisture while the sugar exfoliates dry skin and stimulate dull and lifeless skin.


Now I don’t know about you but taking a bit extra care of my teeth makes me feel like a whole new person. I mean doing more than your basic brushing of teeth and flossing, I mean really getting in there and have you feeling like you just left the dentist type of clean from your own bathroom. Get the job done with this Sonic 5 Mode Dental Scaler with Removeable Brush Head. It is a waterproof ultrasonic tooth cleaner that has a toothbrush with five different modes.  Attack stains, tartar, and calculus buildup and improve your smile. Choose from soft, whitening, cleaning, tartar removal, and gum care modes for your desired cleanse. Cycle through multiple modes each cleaning session for a real deep mouth clean. Improve your teeth and gum health, regular toothbrushes don’t attack calculus buildup or tartar effectively. Now you can start removing them from your teeth. With better-looking teeth, you’ll have an amazing smile!

Maybe taking time to do your facial routine might be what you need, this Kitsch Ice Facial Roller can help soothe puffy face, redness from breakouts, sunburns & shaving mishaps. Used to promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Simply place in fridge for a couple hours to chill the stainless-steel roller than roll on face for soothing effect. Ice rollers are also great to reduce swelling, inflammation, and puffiness, which could help with such a stressful day.


Another great way to destress is getting a good workout, for some the adrenaline rush a relaxer for them, so get a great work out in with Prosource Fit Fabric Resistance Bands Set solves the problem of traditional bands rolling up your legs, knees, or ancles as you move. Made of soft cotton and spandex, these thick and durable fitness bands have an anti-slip interior so you can focus on shaping your body.  Perform lunges, squats, step-ups, or hip bridges with ultimate comfort and stability with three bands made for all fitness levels.  They are compact and takes up minimal space and comes with waterproof carrying case so you can get your workout in anywhere.


Just taking care of yourself is such relaxing time, when I take the time to put a little extra focus on myself, I just feel brand new. Again, however you take care of you me time is all up to you, maybe getting a detail cleaning of your ears maybe what you need to relax. Our stainless-steel ear wax removal tool comes with an LED light that allows you to easily see in your ear canal and clean the ear wax properly.  The LED light comes with two different sizes of clear ear spoons, super useful for daily ear cleaning, soft and round spoon head, suitable for all ages.  It can effectively relieve itching and massage the ear canal while cleaning.  Non-slip ergonomic design, easy to control, and safe.  Easy to use and clean, rinse the earwax removal off thoroughly with soap and water before and after use then sterilize them with rubbing alcohol, comes with small brush for you to clean the debris before and after use.  A carrying case makes it handy to take wherever.

After a long day of work and school, I just want to sit back and relax, and not think about anything else.  Really sit back and enjoy your me-time with this bath and bed tray featuring a cell phone tray, built-in wine glass holder, and foldup media stand.  Catch up on reading or episode while you relax in your bath or on your bed.  Made 100% natural bamboo, this tray has a protective lacquer finish to ensure long-lasting use.  Has a unique design, bath tray with foldable legs that transform easily into bed tray for ultimate comfort.

Relax and relieve muscle tension with this Ki Acupressure Mat with Pillow by Prosource Fit.  100% pure linen covers a natural coconut fiber-filled mat and soft PP cotton filled neck pillow, both covered with plastic needles stimulating thousands of acupressure points. Ideal for post-workout of during savasana at the end of a yoga session.  Can be used at your desk chair, lying on the floor, on firm bed or on the couch.  Another way to just relax.


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