10 Ways to Use Storage Baskets to Organize Your Home

Not just for storage and hidden away in your garage anymore, storage baskets have really evolved as a great versatile home organization tool.  Long way from their plain plastic predecessors, storage baskets now come in a variety of sizes, materials and colors featuring all sorts of functions.  Storage baskets are an economic option compared to furniture cabinets and can be stacked and nested within each other to save space when not in use, ready for you to pull out and use over and over again.  Here are ten ways storage baskets can be used for other than being tucked away in the garage. 

Create Mini Bookshelves 

Glad grey plastic storage baskets as a mini bookshelf bookend

Turn solid storage baskets on their sides to create mini bookshelves.  They also act as bookends. I love this because baskets tend to flare out so my books tilt upwards a little bit for easy viewing. It's the little things. 

Adding Drawer Function

Definition of a drawer is an enclosed container that glides with the push and pull of a handle. That is basically what a storage basket is.  So next time you feel you need more drawer space or wish you bookcase had a drawer, consider buying or repurposing a storage basket instead. 

Organizing Your Fridge

Clear Bins for refrigerator pantry to keep fruit vegetables snacks in place

Using clear bins in your fridge is also like adding drawers while being able to see all the grocery items you have clearly. Plus you can minimize sauces that may have spilled out from reaching other items in your fridge. 

Cleaning Caddy

Baskets with handles help sort and corral cleaning supplies when they're not in use but make for easy grabbing of all your supplies when it's cleaning day.  Sort cleaning supplies in baskets by room so when you have to clean your kitchen you have everything and only what you need at your fingertips. 

Quickly Create a Drop Zone

Large collapsible or foldable fabric baskets with a wide opening are great for quickly setting up a drop zone. The wide open basket mouth is sure to catch all you need to drop in a hurry and the vertical depth takes up less floor space than a wide depth basket. 

Soft Baskets are Great as Toy Storage

Lightweight and washable, fabric baskets are softer and hold up better than plastic bins and baskets. Get a heavy duty canvas material for longer use and easy to spot clean. No more worrying about your kids falling onto, breaking or cutting themselves on plastic baskets. 

Hanging Baskets

Add cabinet space without taking up floor space by going up! Hanging baskets allow for easy grabbing of shampoo and soap bottles when hung from the shower rod. Hang baskets from towel rods to add vanity space and use as a place to hold lotions and small towels. 

Organizing Your Drawers

White plastic bins as drawer organizers for desk cabinet

Mini baskets are preferable to a solid drawer organizer tray because you can switch up the configuration to what suits you best. Remember to get drawer organizers that can clip together to minimize baskets sliding around taking up the free space you just created. 

Keeping Your Pantry Up to Date

Longer and narrower storage baskets are perfect for stacking snack bags and cartons front to back. Line them up by date to ensure you're using them up within the expiration date. Narrow baskets allow you to line up small packaging in a row so each trip to the pantry is like shopping in your own little grocery store. Plus it minimizes disturbing other items when you grab and go. 

Keeping Countertops Cleared

Spice and sauce bottles in plastic storage baskets on countertop

Keep the clutter contained on table surfaces that house alot of small items like countertops and desk tops with a storage basket or table tray. Make it a habit to put things back into these storage baskets and you'll notice that you always have a lot more table top space to work with than before. 

We love storage baskets and all their functions.  Get ones that are thicker and made of heavy duty material so that you can reuse them and repurpose them over and over again. 

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