Monitor Shelf Rack

Monitor Shelf Rack

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If you have a small workspace and need to add more storage space quickly, this monitor shelf rack is a top solution.  Cleverly designed drill-free attachment, this shelf is secured to the front lip of your monitor and braced on the back of the monitor for extra stability.  Through the locking angle adjustment of the legs, it is suitable for use on most computer monitors. Made of durable plastic, the shelf is lined with rubber dots to prevent items from slipping off.  This monitor shelf rack is perfect for holding phones, portable chargers, remote controls, eyewear, stationery, picture frames, and more. 


  • Quickly add shelf/storage space to your desktop
  • Rubber dots on shelf surface prevents items from slipping
  • Attaches to front of monitor lip, no drilling/adhesive needed
  • Angle adjustable legs secure shelf to your monitor
  • Use to hold the remote control, eyeglasses, medicines, stationery
  • Max weight capacity: 6lbs evenly distributed


13"W x 6.5"H