Extendable Telescopic Backscratcher

Extendable Telescopic Backscratcher

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Perfect for anyone who wants to scratch those unreachable itches. Almost no one reaches the back or hard-to-reach areas, but sometimes those itches come at the worst time. Our retractable back scratcher helps you reach hard-to-reach places.  It can help you eliminate that itch stress.  It is a useful yet super fun gadget. Easily fits into a pocket, purse, backpack, etc.  The small size of these telescopic back scratchers means you can take them anywhere, perfect for storage or travel


  • Can extend to 20" 
  • Pen clip 
  • Metalhead
  • Long enough for effective use
  • The back scratcher has a five-tooth scratching edge 
  • Long to easily reach anywhere you need to scratch


  • 6" Extends to 20"