Utilizing your Bedroom Storage Space

When organizing your home, sometimes we are short on space, you have a very minimum amount of space to work with. Trying to declutter with a limited amount of space can be very stressful, but you may have a lot more space around your home than you really thought you have. Utilizing your space will help create room and avoid the clutter it could cause in your home. 

An area forgotten a majority of the time is the space right under your bed. If you are like me, I use of underneath my bed is for my everyday go-to shoes and random items that have fallen down there. The amount of available storage space is unbelievable, with the proper storing containers you could store and keep your items organized. With an under-the-bed storage bag, you can store your seasonal clothes right under your bed out of sight but easy to get to when you need them. With some of the under the bed bags they are available with clear windows you can easily know what is in each compartment when you are looking for your items. Another area you could use for extra space is right behind your bedroom door. A simple way to do that would be to attach hooks to the back to add an area to hang items. This creates a location to easily hang towels, robes, hats, handbags, coats, scarves, and so much more. This way it leaves your closet not so cluttered and you are able to keep it organized with just your clothes. 


The tops of our dresser always seem like the area to leave our hair comb, hair accessories, jewelry, make-up, and any other small items we decide to leave on top.  Simply adding some drawer organizers to an empty dresser will allow you to organize your items and keep them out of sight but always easily accessible.


When we think of organizing our closets, we always think about the items we will be hanging up or the shelves above to store items in bins. The area below, the closet floor, is an area sometimes looked past. That is why we are obsessed with our storage totes with lids and stacking bins with a lid when it comes to storing our belongings. With the storage totes and their classic plastic design, looking for your items will be made simple when you are in rush. We also have to stack bins with lids, storing your items done easily and at arm's reach whenever you need them. Also, a tip, labeling your bins will help save time when searching for items. With the labels, you are able to read quickly and get what you need. 


Sometimes we may have more belonging than storage space, but simply finding and creating space in the spots you never even thought of. Now take a look around your room and see if you find space you haven’t yet utilized.  

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