Use Your Bookshelf for More than just Books

Bookshelves are the centerpiece of the home, it draws your eyes to it, but unlike offices and libraries, that arrange books from left to right, your home could have a personality, your personality. There is no perfect example or proper arrangements of how aa bookshelf should look, mixing your books and favorite decorative items can communicate your unique personality and interests in a decorative way.  The right look is different in everyone's eyes, you need a balance of large items vs small and bright objects vs dark, enhancing the aesthetics of the space. 

First thing first, you want to start with clean empty shelves, so clear the books and any other items that you have on there. You do not want to fill your shelves at once with books in a row, that is called a library, instead you want to create a plan for presenting your style, and personal vibes. Decide whether you want to clump your books by color or by size, you are going to mix books both vertical and horizontal giving it a nicer look. If you feel you do not have enough books that is okay, having your bookshelf look incomplete is okay, you can always add your shelf over time. 


Next, you give your books more impact by pairing them with decorative objects, this will give the shelf more coordination with the rest of the room setup and less like a library. Boxes and baskets are going to be your best friend; they fill space in an uncluttered way, you can store important items, but also while keeping them out of sight. Not only are boxes and basket perfect for storing belonging you do not want guest to see, but they add a great pop of color. Putting picture frames and artwork to add that personal touch, you can also add a real or faux greenery for a touch of nature.

Adding few smaller objects to existing groupings to fill gaps. Adding colorful objects, try making a pattern with them, this will make the whole shelf look more put together. Stacking books between bookends can also provide art to your shelves. Adding baskets is an amazing way to add texture and a pop to your shelf. Putting your own personality to bookshelves is simple, and it could take a few different arrangements to get the flow you want, but the final look will have your bookshelf feeling more like home rather than just a library.

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