Tips to Organize Your Refrigerator

When I am browsing on social media, I love watching videos as people show how they organize their refrigerator, it is so satisfying to see everything have its spot. I then tell myself how possible that is for me to do, and I am going to organize my fridge. Now as I took the time to look into how to properly organize your fridge, to my surprise, I have been placing things wrong this whole time.
Our refrigerators all have different temperatures from the shelves to the door to the drawers. So how do you know where to store your items so that they don’t spoil so quickly? Putting things in practical spots, the top shelf and door are the warmest zones in the fridge and the middle and bottom shelves are the cooler areas.


Now if you are like me when you grab something out of the fridge you put it back just wherever it fits. As simple as that seems to be, not only does it take time to look for the items when you are trying to grab them quickly, they can be pushed out of sight and forgotten. Using clear bins to organize your items is the best option. Having a section for condiments, fruits, dairy, etc., you will know exactly what to reach.

Another tip that I love, labels! Now there are different ways that labels can be utilized in the refrigeration, first labeling your bins with what they are holding, dairy, kid snacks, deli meat, fruits, etc., whatever it may be, now when looking for what you need will be easy to find for not only you but others in your household. Another way to use labels is on those condiment bottles, some condiments could last for a couple of years if they are refrigerated, but after a while, those expiration labels get a little difficult to see. A suggestion made to me that I love is writing the date on a label and putting a piece of scotch tape over it, so it is clear, and the markings won’t be rubbed away.


If you have kids, figuring out the best spots to put easy-to-grab snacks can be a little tricky to figure out. Now, if you put these snacks at an easy-to-reach location, for example, the bottom shelves, having the kids run in to grab their afternoon snack will be easy and simple!


Now get organizing!

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