Tips and Tricks to Organizing Your Closet

Do you feel like you're constantly organizing your closet because it's always a mess? Does it look like a cyclone went thru your closet every morning when you're getting dressed?  I have so much room in my closet, said no one ever.  Built in closet systems can get expensive and if you're a renter, you can't take it with you when you move. Getting dressed doesn't have to be your first frustration every morning. Here are some tips and tricks to maximizing closet space, organizing your closet, and maintaining your closet. 

Tip#1. Rolling vs. Stacking Your T-shirts and Tops

Rolling items during packing luggages has proven to be a great way to save space and create more space. So why not use that tip when it comes to closet space? Rolling your tshirts and storing on shelves allows you to see more than just a sliver of t-shirt versus folded and stacking them.  Plus, you can pull from and not disturb the rest of the rolled shirts easier than stacking due to the rolled structure. Consider cinching with a loose rubberband to further secure the roll. To sort and keep the rolls in place, use shelf dividers like the ones below to maintain. 

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Clear acrylic shelf dividers for closet pantry bathroom cabinets 

Tip#2. Putting away your seasonal clothing

The best way to create space in your closet is by putting away the clothes that aren't in season and storing them somewhere other than your closet. But what if you're like me and have some favorite pieces you wear year round? Definitely keep those accessible to you. We're not trying to Marie Kondo anyone here. I love my stuff and I'm going to keep my stuff!  A great option are these clear tote bins. You can store things, stack them, and still see what's inside to grab when you need them. Enclosed is key to help minimize dust and keep bugs away from clothes you won't be wearing often. 

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 Clear totes with locking lid for closet garage storage on wheels

Tip#3. Don't forget valuable floor space

We always forget that the floor space or bottom base of a cabinet is actually like a shelf space. Floor space is better than shelf space actually because there is almost no maximum weight capacity, so you can store heavier items without worry here too. Solid bins and fabric baskets work great for floor space because their materials wouldn't scratch the floor as much. Remember to get ones with some sort of handle for easy access.  Adding bins and baskets is like adding drawers to your closet. They can provide the same type of function. If you're worried about dust on the floor, try bins with an attached lid like the one below. 

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Tip#4. Bring the closet into your bedroom

Let's face it, some of us fashion fans are never going to fit all our stuff into that one door cabinet they told me was a closet. And if the closet is that small, chances are your room doesn't have space to add a large dresser. With some creative decor, you can utilize your bedroom space as your closet storage. For example, line up rows of hooks to house your scarfs and hats. Go vertical and stack some cute bins that are actually storing your clothes. (Don't forget to label the bins!) Hooks behind doors, hooks on the wall behind doors, even shelves above doors are all space that are hiding storage capability. 

Bamboo backed metal folding hooks for entryway closet mudroom coat hook rack


Tip#5. Utilizing Organizers

After you've followed the tips above, maybe it's time for some professional help. There are an array of organizers available now geared towards helping you make the most out of the space in the ever shrinking home. Multi-level rung hangers, space saver shoe racks, and jewelry organizers to name a few. We love these because they help you utilize your space while minimizing disruptions to the other items around it thus creating less mess. Plus, items organized this way are naturally sorted and that makes it easier to find and your getting dressed more efficiently. 

Pants scarf hanger stainless steel with rubber grib anti slip

Drawer organizers plastic white bins connecting multi size  

Just because they call it a closet doesn't mean you're restricted to using it as a closet or confining yourself to said closet. Think outside the box when you're organizing your closet to fit your needs.  Use bins or reuse lined boxes to sort and store. Not everything has to be folded or hung. Not everything has to be stuffed into your closet only.  Remember, the best way to maintain your closet is by organizing and planning it in a way that works for you. 


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