Storage Solutions when you Seriously have No Room

Living in a small apartment, you just always seem to be lacking space to store your belongings. That may also be true for those in homes, but studio and city apartments know the struggle a little too well. The battle of having little closet space, and that is if you even have an actual closet. But finding cleaver storage items can be your small spaces life saver, there is a wide variety of storage solutions that discreetly offer extra storage that you need, all while having super cute decor. 

 With the limited amount of space, you may not have room for a nightstand. Solve your nightstand needs with a Bedside Hanging Storage Basket. The independent hanging basket simply attaches to the beside rail, it is very convenient and saves space.  Double detachable hooks on the side allows you to hang earphones, keys, etc. The perfect addition to any bedroom.

 You do not want to clutter your home with shelves and bookcases, when in reality you have little to no space for them at all but needing space to store your items is beyond needed. Floating shelves is the best way direction to take. Taking to the walls for help is always a great direction do go. Using wall hooks is not only a great storage solution but a great looking wall accent piece to hang your hats, keys, scarves, jackets, and more. 

Don't let the storage area under your sink go to waste with a chaos of disorganized cleaning products. Using an organizer rack helps keep your cleaning items and other supplies nice and tidy, allowing you to fit a lot more. Create more space by going vertical.

Our kitchen holds many hidden storages space that we completely pass, there is a strong chance that the side of your refrigerator has unused potential. Adding shelf space to your kitchen storage with a magnetic single layer rack. Just attach to the side of the refrigerator or other metal surfaces to create instant shelf space. Great for organizing spices, liner cartons, or any other grocery items you frequently grab. 

Under bed storage is another amazing storage space that goes unnoticed. Not only is it out of sight and out of mind but is prime storage when limited in space. Great storage solution for the changing seasons, store your bulky blankets and sweaters with these large fabric storage bags.  The extra thick breathable material is made to maintain your clothes in storage. When not in use simply fold up and store without it taking up so much space. These storage bags help maximize your rooms space, and with a zipper feature, you will not have to worry about dust getting into your stored items.

A metal garment rack provides more closet space while adding to your home accent. The two-foot-wide closet rack provides plenty of extra rack space to hang your clothes while the knobs adorning the rack is perfect for hanging hats, purses, and scarves 

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