Out with old, in with the new

During the last year and a half now, we have lived through a pandemic, a time where life seemed to be in this odd place, a limbo type of experience, you could say. Our everyday life had come to a crashing halt. From one day to another, our routines had suddenly changed. People were trying to figure out how to navigate the new reality, working from home, kids doing school from home, and the list goes on. We did not know what the future was looking like, and this limbo feeling was now prolonging.

A lot of us struggled with the fact that we had to be on lockdown and just restricted to the home, trying to keep busy during an uncertain time. Many took this opportunity to learn a new hobby or skill. Some learned how to bake, they are of breadmaking, redecorating a room in their home, learning a new language, cooking, and the list goes on.

One big trend was reorganizing your home, getting rid of the clutter that was no longer needed, and organizing spaces that made it easily accessible for everyone.  What most people have been doing is utilizing the small areas that they have to be space sufficient.

The idea would be to find products that will maximize the small spaces, gain more storage space, and declutter your kitchen. Making good use of the area within the cabinets, stacking bins, and even shelf risers can help increase space in your cabinets. Spice racks can also be space-saving, a 3-step organizer designed for storing spice bottles and organizing kitchen cabinets, counters, and pantries. With the different levels, they help you read the labels clearly, and the open design means you can easily reach for whichever spice you require.

An area we always tend to forget about is the walls, these spaces can also be used for hanging wall-mounted kitchen organizers, which keep all the necessities all in one place. They consist of spice racks, hooks to hang utensils or a cutting board, a knife holder, a tower bar, and spoon holders, which can help free up drawer and counter space.

There are many useful products to help organize and declutter a kitchen, so regularly decluttering is always a good train of thought to have when it comes to maximizing your space. It is always easy to get new products, but keep in mind that it is also a good idea to get rid of kitchenware that you do not need any more to avoid the clutter.

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