How to Organize Your Pantry for Kids' Snacks

Kids run around all day and they get hungry so they blow thru their snacks. But how do you keep your pantry organized so it doesn't look like they blew thru your pantry too?  Here are some organization and storage tips for organizing your pantry for kids' snacks. 

Tip#1. Separate Snacks by Child


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If your eldest is much older than your youngest, and usually will be much taller, you would stock their snacks on a higher shelf than your youngest. Older and younger siblings tend to eat different types of snacks. If there are snacks everyone in the family eats, you can stock those together on the same shelf. 

Tip#2. Stock Snacks at Eye Level

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Out of sight out of mind, so if you want kids to eat snacks before they expire, store that snacks at their eye level.  Plus you can keep certain snacks out of reach of the younger siblings this way if there is a choking hazard or sugar contents are too high.

Tip#3. Give a Clear View

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Kids don't usually pull from and pack everything back neatly into the box. Use clear bins or wire bins to store kids snacks so they know where the snacks are without ransacking your neatly organized pantry. 

Tip#4. Your Own Personal Grocery Store

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If you want to limit mess and keep your pantry organized you are going to have to store some things away.  Only put out enough snacks to fit the bins or shelves you have so you can achieve that IG look. It's a good habit to have to check in and restock your pantry once a week to make sure everything is up to date as well.  The bottom shelves would be great to store here since bulk snack can get quite heavy. 

Tip#5. Keep Up to Date

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Write the expiration dates of the snacks in permanent marker real big on the packaging so you won't have to go searching for expiration dates again. 

Tip#6. Rotate Your Snacks

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When you check in with your snacks and restock once a week, stack your snacks in order of front to back with soon to expire towards the front.  Stack the snacks top to bottom, from soon to expire on top so they get grabbed first. 

Tip#7. Stock the Snacks by Favorites

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To minimize the mess, stock the snack your kids love or the snack you want them to eat more of in the most reachable spot. I move my snack bins around so it mixes up my kids' choices a little bit and they may try something new. 

Tip#8. Control Snack Intake

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This last one is more about organizing what your kids eat more than organizing the pantry, but thought I should throw this tip in here. I stock snacks in multiple bins and I tell my kids not to take more than one snack out of each bin. So there may be a carb bin, a nut bin, a chocolate bin, and a fruit bin, and they have to grab one from each to get a balanced meal plan. 

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