Organizing your home workspace

For the last couple of years, our working environment has been very different, from working remotely full time to hybrid working part time from home and other days going into the office. As we continue to maneuver through life right now, working from home has become a more permeant thing for a lot of. Also, students have found to taking online classes to be a lot easier, or if like me, I work full time, so finding classes can be bit difficult to fit my schedule, so I have chosen the option of being an online student. Our home has become our office, our study space, our messy space, now that we have taken to working from home A LOT more, we should take the time to organize and really make it our own. Not only will we have a piece of mine, but a clean, organized, and designated space, will allow our productivity to go up, because we know when we are in that space, we mean business! Here are a few ways to get your workspace organized and ready to get work done on the daily.

Now, one thing that always seems to happen is a clutter of papers, we get something and just seem to let them pile up. Trust me between my boyfriend and I, our desk is filled with paperwork that we don’t even know what they are for, so not only is our desk clutter, but we are storing paperwork that we do not need.  Get control of the clutter before it takes over your space.  Go through every piece of paper on your desk or home office, and sort them by shred/toss it, file it, or take action from it.  With important paperwork, file them in a color-coded filing system.

Some of us you our office or home workspace for everything, work, schoolwork, paying our bills, etc. So, the number of papers we accumulate can be overwhelming, especially when you really need something and cannot seem to find it, but you know it’s there somewhere. A well-organized filing system is a good indication of a functional office space. It is good to organize, separate the filing system into color-coded categories, and label them. That way when you are looking and need an important document, you will not waste time scrambling through papers.

One of my biggest struggles is the pile I create from the mail that comes in, I flip through what comes in and let the clutter take control. Take control of the paper coming into the home office, create a mail station. Make a section for incoming and outgoing mail, mail that needs to be filed, bills, and separate sections for every family member. To avoid the clutter, take time once a week to go through each folder to avoid the overwhelming amount of mail that sits there for weeks on end.

Containers will be your offices/workspace lifesaver! Storing your supplies in desk organizers, or baskets and bins will keep your office supplies not only neatly organized, but they will be out of sight and give your workspace that declutter look you are going for.

A labeling your items will work wonders for a well-organized workspace. Organizing your area into categories, placing like items together, will make your office a lot more functional and you will always know where to find your items. For example, if you need your staple remover, you’ll simply look into your tools drawer to find what you need right away. To get you started you can do a Stickies section for sticky notes, tabs, stickers, etc. Then a Writing tools section for markers, pens, pencils, etc. Of course, every one’s drawer will look different depending on your needs.

Now a space we always seem to forget to utilize is our wall space. We have a ton of storage space that we just seem to forget to use but its there for us! Use your wall space to hang filing systems, calendars, whiteboards, shelving, and more.  There is so much vertical space available to organize, this is often the one step people miss when organizing their office.

These are a few ideas to help you get you home workspace to not feel as chaotic, get it decluttered and organized to have your own personal space seem more manageable throughout your day.

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